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What up yall?  So Hip-Hop’s favorite white guy and the good folks over at Shady Records have thrown their hats into the battle league arena.  Total Slaughter, on July 12 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, is their first foray into the genre.  I think this a huge piece of exposure for the scene in general.  It feels like Don King promotions is throwing a MMA card before the UFC was poppin’.  There are so many stories here, they’re having a reality show tournament that’s going to determine an undercard bout (Royce’s homeboy Marvwon from the D is in it, but I hope the fix ain’t in).  The co-main event battle rap legend Murda Mook vs the possible kang of the scene Loaded “Watch Me Work” Lux.  I hope this is a good one, is Mook still “that guy”, did Lux come out whole from that classic with Hollow da Don, we shall see.  Then, in what makes this a huge story Jumpoff Joe Budden has thrown his hat in the ring against another top guy in the scene, the aforementioned Hollow.  An established emcee/song writer/industry rapper agreeing to battle in this area, against this level of comp is amazing to me.  I am admittedly a Budden fan because of his bars, and the fact that I happen to be a fan of A-hole rappers as well, but I think because of the way he approaches rapping, and his personality, if any established artist has a chance at this level he does.   Here’s my question for Budden, why?  I think there are a bnch of answers for this.  The PC/media savy/coached answer is he’s into the scene and loves competition.  He could also say he loves the sport and by putting his name to it, feels he can bring a certain noteriety to it and maybe help it become more mainstream.  In my very humble opinion i think he’s still tring to out rap the success of Pump It Up, Love and Hip Hop and getting socked Raekwon’s man.   He wants to be the MMA guy that came in and out boxed Floyd in order to untarnish his legacy of being Mr Tahiery.  In any event, I think it’ll be a dope event, I’ll be tuned in, another avenue for Hip Hop to make money doing Hip Hop is a beautiful thang, and if you ain’t down with that…Your Opinion I s Wrong.  PEACE