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Trinidad James All Gold Everything PicturesWhat up yall. It’s been a WHILE, and what brings me back, but your main man Trinidad Jerome James. Last week he made a statement basically saying ATL runs NYC. Let me preface this by saying Trinidad James is a terrible rapper and I wouldn’t buy his music bootleg from his mamma. That being said, Jerome off Martin’s stunt double has a valid point. Answer this, what would you say is the “New York Sound” as far as hip-hop goes. It isn’t the boom-bap I hold so near and dear, that’s “old school”. Furthermore, I’ve heard three responses, Hot 97’s morning show, Power 105.7’s morning show and Maino. Listening to Ebro, Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds on Hot, they sounded like they pretty much cosigned James and agreed. The other two Maino and the folks over at the Breakfast Club, specifically Charlemagne who gave Trinidad his patented “Donkey of the Day Award” last week, went at James’ look and his dental deficiency but never really addressed what he said. There are quite a few signs that the south does indeed run NY like a Sean John shirt.
Exhibit A: Puff/Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs look at his dealing as of late, Ross was his guy, French, while from the City makes Southern flavored music.
Exhibit B: Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse.
Exhibit C: Jay Electronica (See what I did there) had a bidding war between Diddy and Jay to sign him…
Exhibit D: The A$AP crew
Exhibit E: Joey Bad A$$ and Action Bronson are making the best traditional New York music and can’t get in rotation ON NEW YORK radio.
While I was writing this the man himself dropped another YouTube video, and while I think he’s one of the worst rappers of the last 10 years it ain’t nothing but TRUTH. Sorry NY but it’s your fault. But don’t take my word for it:

And if your feelings are hurt, they should be; but if you disagree…Your Opinion Is Wrong. PEACE