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What up yall. Everybody knows I’m into pro wrestling. My favorite parts of the show are the big spots, and the talkers. That being said there’s something to be said about the pageantry: the fireworks, the big venues, the shiny clothes, and the music. Oh man the music. There’s something to be said about a memorable theme song, be it a show, a sporting event or a wrestling entrance. Remember the championship Chicago Bulls entrance during the 90s? It always gave me goose bumps. It is in the spirit of these goose bumps and B.J. Armstrong I present my Top 10 Wrestling Themes:
10. The Rock: IF YOU SMELLLLLLLL, what the Rock…Is Cookin’? Who doesn’t recognize that very famous catch phrase? When it precedes that slow guitar and that half Samoan half soul brother comes out its pure…electricity.
9. Diamond Dallas Page: BANG! A remixed version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” place and this big white guy throws up the Roc. It’s one of my personal favorites; it made me go out get the real song. RIP Kurt Cobain.
8. NWO: A short repeating riff, black and white graphics, and Razor Ramon, Diesel and good ol’ Hogan, a recipe for success. This joint was a soundtrack to one of, if not the best storylines in wrestling history.
7. Bret “Hitman” Hart: The first half of a second of this one pops every crowd easily. The simple four note riff for the main melody is classic.
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Iconic, legendary, one of the best characters of all time. When that glass break everybody knew what time it was. Hell razing and butt kicking were on the docket, ‘cause Stone Cold said so.
5. Macho Man Randy Savage: Pomp and Circumstance is the name of this little ditty. Not sure who came up with the idea to let the madness come down to the ring to the graduation song, but it was a stroke of genius (see what I did there, Google his brother). I have never been to a graduation without wanting to drop an elbow on somebody. RIP.
4. Ric Flair: Whooooo!! It’s actually called Also Sprach Zarasthura, it was used in Space Odyssey, but we all know it as the Ric Flair song. Seeing the smoke, the robes, the hair, it was time for business to pick up. Such a dramatic entrance was perfect for the Nature Boy.
3. Undertaker: When that gong hits and the lights go out…chills. Another wrestling icon, the Undertaker has been through some changes musically but you can’t help but come back to what works. That gong and the old church organ with the smoke is very much a part of what makes Taker so timeless.
2. The Road Warriors: I loved the beginning of the LOD music in WWE with the old “WHAT A RUSH!!!!” at the beginning but that isn’t the song that in this list. In NWA/WCW the Road Warriors had a theme song that was a version of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man that was scary and exhilarating at the same time. There was something about the spiked shoulder pads and that music that just went together and created magic.
1. Hulk Hogan: The biggest name in wrestling, has to have the biggest and best themes right? It’s only right, but this man had two classics. I’ll start with the Purple Haze remix they put together in WCW that was great, fit the attitude of Hollywood Hogan perfectly. There is no theme in professional wrestling with the ultimate good guy feel than “Real American”. It’s so 80s but timeless at the same time. The loud guitar and Bon Jovi impressionist make for a great feel for a true American hero. No one that watched WWF as a kid can tell me that they don’t feel a certain kind of way when they hear this one.
And there you have it, my top ten rasslin’ theme songs. Honorable mentions go to, Demolition, Shawn Michaels, Junk yard Dog, The Ultimate Warrior, Akeem the African dream/Slick, Mr. Perfect, Rickey The Dragon Steamboat, the Million Dollar man, John Cena, The Sandman, The raging Bull many Fernandez, and CM Punk. This was a tough one, and I know folks are gonna be mad Rocky and Stone Cold aren’t higher but that’s YOUR opinion and…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace