What up yall. I saw a post on a Facebook page called According 2 Hip Hop, asking what the most “gangsta” song of all time is. I believe Straight Outta Compton won. While it is a CLASSIC joint, I just can’t call it the most gangsta. I am not that impressed with the gangsta of a dude talking about beating up, shooting and killing other young black men. That’s just a case of somebody playing their part, staying in their place, following The Man’s plan. I can’t respect someone happy about being a stat, you are not a leader, and it’s been done before.
Enter Dead Prez. In the spirit of what NWA and Public Enemy started and taken to another level, M-1 and Stic. Man really went in on their first single, Hip-Hop. Now when you name a song after an entire culture you have to a. represent well b. stand on and by what’s said and c. it has to sound good as well. This song completely fits the bill. It’s an up tempo joint with these drums that just hit you in the head. Combine that with lyrics like:
Who shot biggie smalls? If we don’t get them they gone get us all, I’m down for runnin’ up on them crackers in they city hall.
Now THAT’S GANGSTA. Its anti establishment, its anti government and it what was needed to be said to combat the huge amount of corporate rap that was being put out at the time (around 1999-2000). This was revolution music that you could play in the club, and they did. So, much respect to Cube, Dre, Easy, Ren, and Yella, but if you think Straight Outta Compton is the most gangsta Hip Hop record of all time…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace