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What up yall.  I was looking at the news on TV the other day and came across the Chad Johnson story.  I’m just gonna get it in early, if you think that judge was in the right Your Opinion Is Wrong.   If you haven’t heard the story, Chad Johnson had a probation infraction that he had to go to court for.  He and his attorney had reached a deal for community service and 3 months probation added to his current probation.   As the judge wrapped up the explanation of the agreed upon terms of the plea deal and was commending his lawyer on a job well done, Chad turns and slaps his lawyer on the butt to say “good job”.  In the video you can see, he didn’t make a show of it and didn’t make a big deal of it as if he were trying to get attention.  The judge was still speaking and didn’t even break speech.  The problem it seemed she had was when the courtroom busted into laughter.  I don’t know if she had problems at home or was just having a bad day but the man formerly know as Ochocinco bore the brunt of her wrath.  There’s no way he should have gotten jail time for that.  Mind you this man does not have an extensive problem with the law; he’s not a drinker or smoker and drives a Smart car for Pete’s sakes.  He is out of the league because a coach didn’t want him in Miami (if you watched Hard Knocks you could see that).  Truth is Chad is a guy that doesn’t mince words and that intimidates some folks.  I want to know how he is in jail and out of the league and Donte Stallworth is still in the league, he KILLED a guy and got the same sentence.  To me a lot of this has to do with the emasculation of the black male in popular culture.  As long as I am out here rapping about F these hoes and how mush dope I push, I’m good as long as I thank God in my Grammy Speech and make nice in my interviews.  I can get high as I want as long as I hold my tongue when the cameras are in my face.  Look at Floyd Mayweather, same deal, outspoken but good at his job, lucky for Floyd he’s his own boss and is the best in the world.  Both of these men have been accused as women beaters in suspect circumstances and forced into jail time to stomp on their names.  I mean hey, Chris Brown rants on twitter about stuff that does not matter and the whole Earth saw the work he put in on Rihanna’s face but he no jail time.  As long as you look silly, stupid, lazy, feminine, you are allowed success in this country as a black man.  Who was the last very successful black man in popular culture that didn’t at one time or another wear a dress, play a hood, crack head, thug or just out here coonin’?  The pattern is real.  They won’t allow us success until we allow them to tell us who we are.  If you think differently, Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace