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What up yall. Wow…a year, 365 days, 1/10 of a decade, 1/100 of a century. I started this last year after watching a team lay down in game 7 to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, sitting here excited about a Canelo Alvarez fight, coming off a weekend with a Jordan release, and fresh off Little Earl’s and Cayden’s last blastball game and I felt like blogging, déjà Vu like a mother lover. I’ve had a great time talking my smack and reading or hearing yall responses in the streets. I hope I’ve made yall laugh, get mad, but most of all, think. I know I am a tiny bit opinionated, but hey, I be right! It is in the spirit of my always on opinion I present the Top 10 Your Opinion Is Wrong blog posts:
10. Snub This 2/11/13 – I noticed on social media people seemed pissed about Nas, once again, being overlooked for a Grammy. I had to respond.
9. My Movie Monday: Harlem Nights 2013 4/22/13 – A regular thing Ive been doing is recasting movies to update them. The original Harlem Nights is one of my favorite movies of all time, I had to touch it. Pause (See Roy Hibbert, you don’t need to say no homo to let people know you aren’t homosexual after saying some suspect ish.)
8. Bring the Muthaluvin’ Rawkus 7/28/12 – A rare Saturday post. I felt like putting yall up on one of the greatest labels as far as quality of music, ever. If you haven’t had the chance, check it out.
7. Earl Wilkerson’s “The Last Dragon” 9/26/12 – This is absolutely my favorite movie of all time. Another one I HAD to recast. Yall notice a common thread in all of these.
6. Mi Vida Loca… 7/26/12 – I started this blog to let folks into my life. This was one of those crazy things that ALWAYS happen to me. My life IS crazy.
5. Retro Review: Liquid Swords 5/29/13 – I felt creative and nostalgic at the same time. It seemed to work. Heads went crazy over this one. Yall seemed to respond well, more coming soon.
4. Emcees You Should Know: Reverend Tiggalo Dolla Bishop ‘Tay D. Jakes 5/16/13 – This one was pretty big for me. This is hands down my favorite Emcee, and I know for a fact a lot of yall don’t know him and a lot of the pother folks I listen to. What made this one dope is that Phonte himself actually retweeted the link and I got my most hits ever in a single day that day.
3. You know what really grinds my gears… 7/9/12 – For some reason, reading this again after almost a year really made me chuckle. Check it out.
2. Vicki Vallencourt is the Debil… 6/18/12 – I’m guessing on Mondays I feel a certain way. You combine tired, with pissed off, with creativity and you get one part comedy and one part real. This post really captures who I am. Please read it, you will enjoy.
1. I Got Pranked at Work…Word to Ashton Kutcher 10/9/12 – Everybody that knows me knows a few things. 1. They know I got jokes. 2. I can take a joke. 3. And I will have my revenge. This was the greatest prank I have ever been involved with, and even though I was on the receiving end I put it at #1. This one is also a multimedia presentation you NEED to see.
And there you have it. A year of my blood, sweat and tears, and yall laughing, at least I hope you are. I hope yall enjoyed and keep on enjoying. Shout out to the folks that follow, comment, retweet and repost my ish. The most repeat offenders are: Donyele (Mrs. Your Opinion Is Wrong AKA the rib), my moms, Boobie, Drop A Jewel and the rest of the folks over at Strictly (Saturday was dope) for having me on the blog roll and on the air every once in a blue moon, Mike, baby bro Donald, and Lavar. I appreciate yall and anyone else who has contributed. I will continue and I hope yall do too…I can’t fall off and if you think I can…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace