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What up yall.  What a weekend indeed.  It started at midnight Friday/Saturday…I co-hosted the first few hours of the 24 hour Strictly Hip-Hop 23rd anniversary show.  Shout out to Gordon Gartrell, Florida and the rest of the good folks over there at Strictly (Jewel I owe you 2).  Left there 5 ish, got home around 6 ish, had to be up to cook the little one breakfast before his Blastball trophy ceremony, which almost got called due to rain.  Then a cookout (congrats little cuz) and then out with the boys to Fells.  It was a full day, and I had the rest of the Strictly 24 hour show to use as a soundtrack.  It was a full day. 

This is my 99th post on Your Opinion Is Wrong.  My favorite thing on here has been the Top 10 Tuesdays.  So tomorrow, with my 100th post I’ll be posting my favorite posts from the past year.   A Top 10 Tuesday to top all the top ten Tuesdays from the past year.

Tomorrow will also be my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog.  I wanted a regular platform to express and share all the messed up stuff that hangs out in my head.  Some funny, some mean, some interesting, all me.  Be sure to tune in and thanks for repeatedly entering an argument you can’t win because….Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace