What up yall.  There’s person in the Strictly Hip-Hop family that I can say is one of the biggest Your Opinion Is Wrong supporters…Drop-A-Jewel. If I drop a post, she retweets repost and let folks know I had something to say.  I’d have to say in my experience listening to Strictly, she also has had the most on air energy, she’s “the fun one”.   Let’s see what the homie had to say.

 YOIW:  Who are you in relation to Strictly Hip Hop?

Drop A Jewel:  I started as an intern at Strictly in 2008. I came in as the test bin coordinator, under Ahk and Florida’s reign. Today I am somewhat of a PR rep, assistant social media director, and co-producer of Strictly Hip Hop.

YOIW:  What is your favorite Strictly Hip Hop moment?

Drop A Jewel:  Too many favorite Strictly moments to name!!! I would have to go with the cypher a few years back with Bangladesh Project and a host of super dope emcees. Also, all the on air snafu’s and debates off air in the studio.

YOIW:  What are you up to now?

Drop A Jewel:  Right nowwww…I’m busy trying to keep my hands dirty. I’m the production manager at 1590am WFBR. Im blessed to still work closely with the Strictly Hip Hop family, preserving the culture and legacy. As a music junkie, I’m ALWAYS working with local artist…so keep your eyes peeled…You never know when I’ll pop up next *hint hint*.  #WholeTime check out the website www.itsstrictly.com, www.weaa.org, and of course follow us on twitter @HipHopStrictly @DropaJewel

There it is, Jewel in 3 questions.  Be sure to check her out this Friday/Saturday on the Strictly Hip-Hop 24 hour broadcast of its 23rd Anniversary celebration.  Check it out locally on 88.9 FM, or anywhere on the planet at http://www.weaa.org or on the tunein app on your Smartphone. Peace. #YOIW