DJ Vinnie V
What up yall. In the last of my interviews for the Strictly Hip-Hop 23rd Anniversary, I got a chance to build with the creator of Strictly, DJ Vinny V. Here’s what the brother had to say:

YOIW: Who are you in relation to Strictly Hip-Hop?

DJ VINNIE V: I went by the name of Vinnie V on the show. I am the first host, producer, and the creator of Strictly Hip Hop on WEAA-FM.

YOIW: What is your favorite Strictly Hip-Hop moment?

DJ VINNIE V: Too many to mention actually, but I would say probably the time when the legendary Bobbito Garcia (true hip hop heads should know who this man is and if not should research him.) stopped by the station. I think he was managing hip hop artist Kurious at the time and he saw the show at work live. He was very impressed and told me so then and many times after. Later he would include the Strictly Hip Hop Show as one of the top hip hop shows in the country in his article for Vibe Magazine. It was one of a few national & international mentions that the show received during my time with the show. It was truly a humbling experience for a crew of basically music lovers that were doing this thing “Strictly” for the love.

YOIW: What are you up to now?
DJ VINNIE V: I am working in broadcast media professionally in both radio and TV. On the side, I do a show on a radio station in France and I do special guest DJ sets for a couple of radio shows and podcasts around the world. Kil (another one of the former hosts/producers of the show) and I are thinking about doing a documentary on Strictly Hip Hop. Right now, I am rebuilding my website, but people can follow me on twitter @therealv_j or find me on Google+ as DJ Vinnie V. There I will keep people updated with what I am doing. I am a true believer in the preservation of hip hop history whether it be in NYC, LA, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Paris, Tokyo, or Johannesburg.

And there it is. He’s still working to keep our culture alive. Be sure to check the Strictly Hip-Hop 24 hour broadcast of its 23rd Anniversary celebration. Check it out locally on 88.9 FM, or anywhere on the planet at http://www.weaa.org or on the tunein app on your Smartphone. Peace. #YOIW