What up yall. In Hip-Hop we CLAIM to be the voice of the disenfranchised.  Truth is it it’s the voice/platform for young, inner-city black men.   Women in Hip-Hop most often are subjects instead of participants.  We all have happened to stumble upon a female emcee or two but they are a great minority.  A greater minority is that of the female DJ, very few and far between but Strictly Hip-Hop has all facets covered.  Enter miss jNYce, here’s what she had to say:

YOIW:  Who are you in relation to Strictly Hip-Hop?

miss jNYce:  Co-host and DJ for Strictly Hip Hop for the past few years.

YOIW:  What is your favorite Strictly Hip-Hop moment?

miss jNYce: So many great times, but I think my interview with Cassidy. He had a very interesting story and a great sense of humor.
YOIW:  What are you up to now?

miss jNYce: I’m currently working on building my brand nationally and focusing on the production of a few music projects in New York. Past, present and future projects can be found on www.missjNYce.com. I am also the official tour DJ for www.niceandloud.com which launches August 19th.

That’s what’s up.  Be sure to check out miss jNYce, the rest of the Strictly Hip-Hop family and yours truly tonight at midnight for 24 hours. Check it out locally on 88.9 FM, or anywhere on the planet at http://www.weaa.org or on the tunein app on your Smartphone. Peace. #YOIW