What up yall. In the third interview I got a chance to catch up with Florida. I first met Flo at the anniversary a few years back when Matth was in the Anniversary Cypher. Every time she starts a segment, I think it’s a commercial. She’s the current HNIC over at Strictly, she’s had me and my Willy Bobo brethren up there a few times on guest hosting duties. I think it’s cool I was present during one of her favorite Strictly moments below. I had some questions, she had some answers, here’s what she had to say:

YOIW: Who are you in relation to Strictly Hip-Hop?
Florida: I am the current Main host/Producer of Strictly

YOIW: What is your favorite Strictly Hip-Hop moment?
Florida: I have a few favorite memories….
1) The live cypher with the band in the studio. The Strictly Anniversary that included the band & MCs rapping live over the air was really exciting to see. The reactions from those who were in the studio watching and of the listeners was fun to witness.
2) When Skillz called the show live during the Top MC panel. The MC Panel was something that I thought would be cool to have an exchange of ideas/commentary between individuals who I felt as though are Hip-Hop experts. Putting a “Top MC” list together wasn’t easy and it had the internet, radio, and phones buzzing. I remember someone picked up the phone and said “Skillz is on the phone” and I picked up and said “Skillz for real?” Lol and then we put him on live during the MC Panel.
3) When I first started at Strictly as an intern in the old studio. Starting at Strictly was cool as I was still learning the basics of working the studio controls. Watching Ahk, Scooby and Supervisor Slim be on the air and how they were having fun with talking about Hip-Hop I knew that Strictly was very special.

YOIW: What are you up to now?
Florida: Right now I’m more behind the scenes with producing the music selections for the show. I train staff and interns with the studio controls/operations. Reviewing music to put into rotation for Strictly; I’m always having a “light bulb” idea of doing something for strictly Lol People will ask for advice for how to approach radio stations about their music or how to put something together so I don’t mind talking about that type of stuff. (I guess that would be consulting lol) I kind of freelance write (if I don’t get really busy with my other job). My twitter is @Floridaguam and my blog is: http://floridaflavor.blogspot.com/ Here’s a link of some articles I’ve done: http://www.examiner.com/hiphop-in-baltimore/jasmin-henderson

And there it is the boss lady’s answers. Be sure to tune this Friday (technically Saturday) at midnight for the 24 hour Strictly Hip-Hop 23rd Anniversary celebration. Check it out locally on 88.9 FM, or anywhere on the planet at http://www.weaa.org or on the tunein app on your Smartphone. Peace. #YOIW