What up yall. I got a chance to rap with Vegas, AKA Mr. One to Flow On. Other than Ahk he was the host I remember listening to the most after going out and being on full tilt. I’m a big fan of One to Flow on as it quite often asks us as Hip Hop heads to look deeper into the music and the culture in general. Here’s what the brother had to say.

YOIW: Who are you in relation to Strictly Hip-Hop?
Vegas: I am a former Host/Producer of Strictly Hip-Hop. I was host from around spring of 1999 until 2002. Sam & Kil passed the torch to me in the Spring of 1999. I was interning under the, then, Program Director Kyle La Rue aka Dj Koz. I was a little shocked by the invitation to become the show’s host as I had been invited to come up and hangout on numerous occasions. Needless to say, I was in the streets partying instead.

I was a junior at Morgan State at the time. Ahk was my first intern (Scooby would come aboard later). Kil felt that the show needed new blood at the time, and thought that I could bring that flavor. And I did. I got rid of some of the old segments, and kept others (I.e. the Question of the Week). I am the father of the Test Bin as you know it today.

The Test Bin came about because I felt that the people should decide who receives airplay. Most artist were looking to turn their hobby into a career, so who better to critique their music than the potential consumer. There was also an entertainment value to the whole “Keep it or Dump it” idea. Some were mad but, we tried to make sure that constructive criticism was at the head of the “dislikes”.

YOIW: What is your favorite Strictly Hip-Hop moment?
Vegas: My favorite moment would have to be when I purchased my first home pc. That moment was significant in strictly hip-hop history because we re-energized exclusives on the show. In the past, our exclusives were reliant on what label reps sent us. Needless to say, the competition got the same records. In a lot of cases they had more because they were commercial radio and labels gave them a greater push.

One of my friends put me down with all of the sites that had albums in advance….and we ran with that shit. This was during a time when folks bought their “bootlegs” off the streets. Every week we had like 20 exclusives that the competition either had no access to or couldn’t play yet because it would get them in trouble with labels. We were playing tracks from albums a month before for their release. In some cases, we were hitting tracks that would never be released.

We were pioneering shit back then. We even had a live stream and chat room going thanks to Lil Mic. That shit is common place now. Back then? Not many dudes were getting down like that.

YOIW: What are you up to now?
Vegas: After I left the show to Ahk in 2002, I stayed on as Producer of the show. That lasted through, probably, 2005? I’m not sure. That also gave birth to my Hip-Hop commentary One 2 Flow On (http://one2flowon.podomatic.com). There are some throwback episodes from my Strictly days on there. I had the time of my life hosting that show. I thank Sam and Kil for passing the torch my way. Shout out to them, Koz, Titan, Lil Mic…and our biggest fan Freddy Long. I am currently working in radio in Newark, NJ. I’m still preserving the culture in many forms. Check Em out, and thanks for keeping the Strictly legacy alive…My Blog: http://www.HipHoPolitic.com
My Commentary (Subscribe via I-Tunes): One2FlowOn http://one2flowon.podomatic.com
My Music: http://www.VegasWorldInc.bandcamp.com (All Free)

There you have it. Be sure to tune this Friday (technically Saturday) at midnight for the 24 hour Strictly Hip-Hop 23rd Anniversary celebration. Check it out locally on 88.9 FM, or anywhere on the planet at http://www.weaa.org or on the tunein app on your Smartphone. Yall do realize that Strictly is a HUGE part of Baltimore’s Musical history. There’s more than V-103, Club Music, Ms. Tony, DJ Boobie tapes and Twilight Zone’s Freaky Fridays. Hip Hop definitely resides in Charm City and if you doubt that…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace