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nardwuarpicWhat up yall. The homie E-Major recently talked about how important it was for interviewers and bloggers to be informed about their subjects, and how it was more enjoyable and flattering to do an interview with an informed person. It reminded me of several YouTube videos I had seen from a guy known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette. It’s a weird name, but he has classic interviews. He hails from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada but always seems to be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect interviews from a veritable who’s who in music. The thing I enjoy most is when you see an artist’s face light up or show pure shock, as he asks questions about things they thought no one knew about. I have no idea how he get all this information but I’m sure glad he does. He actually got an interview with Jay-Z from a Pharrell Williams co-sign. While Mr. Carter wasn’t as enthused as the co-founder of Star Trak Entertainment, it was still very interesting. Pharell ended up collaborating with Nardwuar on his YouTube channel i am OTHER, where he also flips the script and interviews the Human Serviette himself. It’s also funny to see this goofy, but informed guy, interact with some very serious, very tough acting rappers who aren’t sure how to take him. Nas and Busta rhymes were examples of that. His interviews are so good, I enjoy the ones of artists I don’t like just as much as the ones with artists that I do. He always attempts to pull the artist over to the goofy side of the fence at the end of his interviews by attempting to get them to complete the phrase “Keep on rocking in the free world and doot doodle doot doo…” The reactions to this also tend to yield hilarious results(Ice-T was my favorite). I’m posting a few of my favorite clips below for yall to enjoy. Peace #YOIW


Busta Rhymes



Young Jeezy