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boyz-n-the-hoodWhat up yall. It was brought to my attention that it has been 20 years since Menace II Society was released in theaters. 20 years ago, almost to the day (it was actually released May 26, 1993); people were fighting and shooting in theaters for the release of this classic hood flick. It taught us many things, not to lie to Bill Duke; dope fiends will do the most for a fix, and never say anything about O-Dog’s mama. It also was my first experience with the side arm gat grip. Remember how old girl’s cousin was running when he was on the way to “handle his business”? It is in the spirit of Tat Lawson, Sarief, and Charles S. Dutton I present the Top Ten Hood Movie Moments.
10. The School Boy Haircut (Sugar Hill) – Romello and Ray Nathan Scudds’ pops was on dope bad, to the point were Ray Nathan felt he only had one option: Put him out of his misery. He decided to give pops one last ride from the needle fairy. Clarence Williams III AKA Mr. This-aint-the-terror-dome-neither aka Mod Squad, as Ma Irene used to hall him, put in one of my favorite, dare I say most, powerful death scenes in a hood flick.
9. Tatt WTF (Menace II Society) – What’s one of my top ten lists without Sam Jackson? The flashback scene of one of the wild parties Cain’s parents used to throw that ended badly for a dude that owed Tatt Lawson some money. The funniest part was after he killed dude, his homeboy Tony questioned his actions, to which he replied, “Do you owe me any money?” “Hell nah, but here you go!” LMAO!!!
8. Shep VS. Nutso (Above the Rim) – Not the 1st time you see it in the flashback, but the time were Birdie catches him shadow balling. It is a very surreal and interesting scene. As horrible an actor as I think Leon is this was a great scene.
7. Rock A Bye Baby (New Jack City) – When Keisha murks out rasta man, whose services were no longer needed, I thought I was the most cold blooded murder I’d seen in a movie. Then, before escaping in the jeep, G-Money sticks around to proclaim that how you do it. Step to ‘em and blow his brains out, “in broad daylight”. Rock a bye indeed.
6. I Don’t Give A F#@k What I Said (Menace II Society) – Alleged car thief, lovingly known as Faggot Ass Chauncey, has a visitor early during the day. A meeting he had scheduled with a potential client must have taken place after a night that had run longer than expected. Needless to say, old Chauncey was a bit of a grouch the next day, and took out some of his aggression on his visitor.
5. The State VS. Nino Brown (New Jack City) – Besides G-Money discussing the frequency of him getting his jimmy waxed (several times a day), this was my favorite part of the movie. Several quotes come to mind: “Kareem Akbar, the educated brother from the bank”, “Let’s kick the ballistics here: Ain’t no Uzis made in Harlem, not one of us owns a poppy field.” and anything that ended in “…Ms. Hawkins.” What a classic scene.
4. Shadowboxing (Boyz N the Hood) – Before showing us the money in Jerry Maguire, Cuba Gooding Jr. tried to win an Oscar as Tre. After he and Ricky are harassed by the police, he goes to Nia Lon’s crib to vent. What follows is one of the inadvertently funny scenes of all time. I haven’t been able to watch that scene with a straight face in a long time.
3. Tell Bill Duke the Truth (Menace II Society) – This is hands down my favorite interrogation scene ever. Big homie with the kufi from Car Was had KD stuttering like a mo-fo. So, what time did you buy the beer? “I-I bought th-the beer at uh…at uh…” “Now see, you know you done F&*ked up right?” C’mon yo, what’s messing with that?
2. Rickeyyy!!!!! (Boyz N the Hood) – I ain’t gonna front, I usually turn the movie off before it get to this part, hoping somehow there is a Singleton director’s cut where Rick get a scholarship to play Division I football and ends up in the NFL, Dough and Dookie get regular jobs, and Tre and Nia Long get good jobs after college. I always hate seeing the Bow Wow looking dude blast the homie and then they take him home for his baby and old lady to see. Why John, why?
1. The Locker Scene (Juice) – This is quite possibly my favorite movie moment period. Pac KILLED this scene. This was Denzel as Malcolm, Jamie as Ray, Pac WAS Bishop here. When Q closes that locker and he’s standing right there…whooo whee. I can’t think of a better scene from a rapper/actor.
There you have it, the best hood movie scenes of all time. Honorable mention to the Friday series, I tried to keep it all dramas today. I’m probably going to have a few multiple post days to make up for the days I missed not blogging much last week. If there’s a scene you think I left off the list, let me know but just know…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace