wackblogWhat up yall. You ever listen to a song and you’re really feeling the joint and all of a sudden, “the wack dude” comes on and it’s ruined? Do you avoid radio because most of the “artists” on there are that guy? Are you looking for help with this? To quote the great negro poet William Drayton, I CAN’T DO NUTTIN’ FOR YA MAN!! But I can identify the culprits. EVERYBODY knows somebody that “raps”, but how many of us know somebody nice? We all know somebody wack then a mug. It’s almost fun, “ayo you heard so and so rap yet? *snicker snicker*” It is in the spirit of the wack dude around your way I present the top ten worst rappers of all time.
10. Magoo – This VA rapper, known for his association with Timbaland and Missy, and his nasal delivery. He once rapped “Up in the cut, like gay niggas in butt”, I wonder where he works now.
9. E-40 – One of the co-stars of the classic piece of cinema 3 Strikes happened to rap every once in a while. Owner of, in my humble opinion, one of the worst flows/deliveries in rap ever, has been successful on the indy scene, but I am not a fan, if you are, sprinkle this.
8. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – At 22 years of age, he’s the youngest rapper on the list. Another cat who’ s grind I respect but music I hate. It’s just bad. He ushered in the ringtone era of rap music. Yeah, thanks for that.
7. Jim Jones – Oh let’s start with the name, and NO it is not his real name. So you just gonna name yourself after the dude that killed a bunch a folks with kool-aid…nah son. Then, not only that, HE SUCKS!!!Some people are just not good at rapping, he is one.
6. Trinidad James – Have you seen this dude, have you heard him? Wow when he came out in 2012 I just knew it was the Anti-Christ. A sneaker head, who just started rapping and he sounds like it. Man he sucks…don’t believe me just watch.
5. U-God – Golden arms from the WU, this guy just flat out can’t rap. Thank goodness he was locked up for most of the 1st Wu album. As you see the next time out, with gems like Black shampoo he aint built for Cuban Linx. Anyone heard any of his solo records…me neither.
4. Tony Yayo – From what I understand this guy’s official in the streets. If that’s true, I hope he doesn’t read this. Anyway, I understand why 50 keeps him around. That being said have you heard this guy? Just awful, his biggest redeeming quality is the Yayo dance, and he stole that from John Cena.
3. Bizarre – I believe he is supposed to be funny. This “rapper” can’t keep the beat, isn’t good with word play and tends to be offensive instead of funny, which is what he’s trying to be. He’s from a camp that really got its start with one of the elite rappers in hip hop, Eminem. He once rapped “Eatin’ a hotdog reading the Qu’ran, while I’m on the john, tired of wearing this yellow thong, take it back Sisqo, you know where it belongs” C’mon son, word to Ed Lover.
2. The Big Tymers (Manny Fresh & Baby) – Ok I cheated, but both these guys deserve a sopt on this list and this way I could fit em both in. Their collective suckyness combined earned them number two. How is it on the stellar roster that included Juvenile, BG and Turk, do you stand out as the wackest two?
1. Silkk the Shocker – Far and away this guy had the #1 spot from the first time I heard him rap. He could never keep the beat and was obviously was given the chance to rap because of his older brother. How were you the worst rapper on No Limit Records…I tell you how, YOU ARE THE WORST RAPPER EVER…and he is.
There you have it, the worst rappers of all time. Honorable mentions go to Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Chingy, Nelly, Boosie, Webbie, Gucci, Wacka Flocka(worst name ever), Yin and Yand of the Yin Yang Twins, Cam’Ron, J-Kwon, BG, Petey Pablo, and NORE. If you like any of these rappers or any from the list…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace