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What up yall. The WWE Extreme Rules PPV (Pay Per view) takes place tonight live from St. Louis, Missouri. The first PPV after Wrestlemania, is usually a not so big deal, this year is not that different. ‘Mania is a kind of like the end of the season for WWE, some big names will take time off to heal (i.e. CM Punk), and a lot of story lines end. That being said, my big worry isn’t the quality of the PPV, but wrestlers’ health. Extreme Rules is a rebranding of the former One Night Stand, which was a revival of ECW, a defunct wrestling organization that was known for its no holds barred, “extreme” matches. This year we have a last man standing match, steel cage match, I quit match, leather strap match, and a Texas Tornado tag match. That sounds like plenty of opportunity for injuries. I think the chairman; Vince McMahon will put some safe guards in place to protect the guys he has left. This could mean a very boring and predictable PPV. That taken into consideration, here are my picks for the 2013 Extreme Rules PPV:

The Miz over Cody Rhodes
Fandango over Chris Jericho
Dean Ambrose over Kofi Kingston for the US Title
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins over Team Hell No
Randy Orton over Big Show
Mark Henry over Sheamus
Alberto Del Rio over Jack Swagger
Brock Lesnar over HHH
John Cena over Ryback for the WWE Championship

As of now, no Divas or Intercontinental championship matches are scheduled but one or the other could happen, I don’t think either of these belts, yes I said belts, will change hands. I do like the Shield to take their matches and grab gold after taking their 1st loss at Raw this week. I kind of like a run in on the HHH/Lesnar and I do not see Ryback ready to carry any gold yet. Del Rio/Ziggler has a better feel as a match for the next PPV, and I see Miz, Orton, and Mr. “that’s what I do” to keep their pushes going. That’ll wrap up my picks, yall enjoy the show. Peace #YOIW