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phonte blog What up yall. Most people know I have an affinity for not quite mainstream Hip Hop. I don’t do Ross, Jeezy, Meek, or most of the stuff you hear on radio. I’m more of what you would call an underground Hip Hop head. This being the case, I tend to listen to a lot of dope Emcees that most people don’t know. I figured I’d spread this knowledge in a series I call “Emcees You Should Know”.
In volume one of the series I’m going to introduce you to one of, if not my favorite emcees, Phonte. I was introduced to his music in 2003 by my cousin Kendel right after Little Brother’s (his first rap group) first album The Listening dropped. I’ve been a huge fan ever since. He can sing as well as give you one of the dopest 16s you’ll ever hear. He’s also a member of the Grammy nominated group the Foreign Exchange. He’s what I call a blue collar Emcee, no frills or fantasy, a lot of real life. He once rapped “I want a girl when I want a girl and when I don’t want a girl I want a girl that understands that”. Chances are if you like lyrics he’s one of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers. He’s on twitter @phontigallo) do yourself a favor, get informed. If you cant feel this…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace

Charity Starts At Home (2011)
w/ Little Brother
The Listening (2003)
The Chittlin’ Circuit mixtape (2004)
The Chittlin’ Circuit 1.5 (2005)
The Minstrel Show (2005) *CLASSIC
Separate But Equal mixtape (2006)
…And Justus For All mixtape (2007)
Getback (2007)
Left Back (2010)
w/ Foreign Exchange
Connected (2004)
Leave It All Behind (2008)
Authenticity (2010)
The Story of US – Phonte & Eccentric (2003)
Zo! & Tiggalo Love the 80s – Phonte & Zo!