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thats%20my%20mamaWhat up yall? How was your weekend? Huh? Yeah I know It’s Tuesday…so what. Mother’s Day was this weekend, I had a good time with the 3 most important mothers in my life: my wife (my son’s mother), my mother, and my sister (my nieces’ and nephew’s mother). We hung out at the Inner Harbor, got some food and took a ride on a speed boat. Last Father’s Day I did a top ten TV dads, so this year, in the spirit of Donyele, Cherryll and Ma, I present the Top 10 TV Moms of all time:
10. Elizabeth Sanford – Fred G. Sanford’s old lady is the only mother on the list we’ve never seen. She makes the list for dealing with a dumb son, a conniving husband and a sister so ugly you could dip her face in dough and make gorilla cookies. RIP
9. Joan Moseley – You may not know her, but Joan was a Divorced mother of 3, living in South Central LA. That’s enough by its self. She was also O-Dogg’s moms. Those two opened up a spot on the list for her.
8. Edna Payne – Martin’s moms was a church going parrot owner who made some hard butt biscuits that ol’ Marty Mar loved. That’s not what got her on this list. Mama Payne was never afraid to get to slicin’ for her son, even Apple Head Gina. What a G.
7. Gemma Teller/Peggy Bundy – This entrant on the list made the list for two roles combined. You mix the jobless, bon-bon eating mother of Kelly and Bud with the ruthless, killier, conniving; do anything nature of Jax Teller’s mom and you got one bad mother.
6. Lois Griffin – Yeah, she’s raising a sissy, a dummy and frumpy ug-mo, but mostly Lois makes the list for putting up with Peter’s f ups, and dealing with him in general.
5. June Clever – The Caucasian proto type for the perfect moms, per the TV. There was no umph in her but she cooked cleaned and offered motherly advice to Wally and the Beaver. A TV classic.
4. Vivian Banks (The Dark and Light Skinned Versions) – The mother of Nicky, Ashley, Hillary, and Carlton also took in her sister’s boy from Philly. Her old man was getting that bread and they had a Butler so she just raised the kids. Always down for Phil and the kids, both versions had to make this list.
3. Carmela Soprano – This was a down chick. Another homemaker on the list, earned he spot the old fashion way. Cooking, cleaning, birthing babies and holding her killer husband who couldn’t keep his hands to himself in so many ways, all the way down. But the biggest reason the woman brought to life by Edie Falco made this list, is she is the only entrant to utter the F word on the show.
2. Florida Evans – Flo, and them orange outfits are a staple on black television. She did it all, cooked, cleaned, taught the kids, and had a catch phrase (Hello, dere mama!), she would have made #1 but she never taught Thelma to cook and you know, the Michael thing.
1. Clair Huxtable – Cliff caught a nice one. She cooked, cleaned, practiced law, spoke Spanish, could dance, disciplined the kids, and saved Cliff the big piece of chicken. Well I don’t know about that last one but she was no joke. Cliiff wasn’t doing too bad, neither was the dude from Inside Stuff.
There you have it…my top ten. I just realized the anniversary of this blog is coming up soon, and I am also approaching 100 posts. Let’s see if I can make that happen, at the same dang time. In related news I will be much more active as the 11th of June is coming soon. And finally, there are only 117 days until Dallas Cowboys football returns, and if you ain’t down with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace