anti-child-abuse-ribbon-i3 What up yall. Today I’ll be a bit more serious than usual, kind of want some opinions on a situation. It’s not a personal situation but I think it’s an important one. Lots of folks, including yours truly, spend hours on line watching viral videos. A few weeks ago I come across a video of a black daddy (different from a father) whoopin’ his daughters on a web cam. I believe the girls we 12 and 15 years of age, the offense: making twerk (Google it) videos and breaking curfew. In my mind, that was a father being a daddy, hey, spare the rod spoil the child right? Well upon further inspection, the gentleman was using a cord from the XBOX as his instrument of discipline. Now let’s be clear, no hands were laid and there were definitely no punches or face shots. I also watched the video the 1st time on mute, with the sound up the girls are screaming bloody murder, which adds to the “feel” of the video. The father does also seem angered and aggressive in the video, but he was physically disaplining, no one is like *whip* hey, *whip* “don’t do that again” calmly. For me personally, it raises an issue: In a situation that allows it (i.e. a two parent home) I am of the opinion, that with girls, the mother should do the majority if not all the physical discipline so that they don’t get accustomed to a man putting his hands on them. That being said I still didn’t have a problem with the video. Turns out the man involved was arrested and charged with abuse. Here’s the kicker: THE GIRLS’ MOTHER CALLED THE COPS!!!!! I was floored. In my VERY humble opinion, that mother deserves whatever grandchildren these girls bring home next year. She silently said quite a few things with her actions. 1st, “Girls you can do what you want, your fathers opinion doesn’t matter”. See by calling the cops here, you take the father out of the home at least temporally, and render his discipline completely useless. Secondly, making those types of videos and breaking curfew are ok. Again, spare the rod. And finally, “we value the opinion of others in raising our children before our own. I will bring in people to discipline the man of our house because I don’t agree with his tactics, this is crazy. I’ve had people disagree with me on this one, and I believe it is a serious issue. Yall take a look at the video and let me know what you think. If you think this is abuse…Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace