fireballWhat up y’all? Aye…shout out to my cousin Boobie too, he had a request for a top ten. I spent much of this weekend with my little brother for his birthday. On Saturday, during some down time we sat and watched the Dream Team documentary, dope joint. I love the stories there. There’s a story of John Stockton, walking the streets of Barcelona when his teammates couldn’t. There’s the story of Chuck Barkley VS the press. There’s the story Mike Jordan and Chuck Daly, sworn enemies in the playoffs but the needed each other. There’s the story of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson having a last hurrah. There’s the story of Scottie Pippin on the beach looking at topless white girls…hold on that’s not a story, but it’s very funny. Basketball has been represented well on film. There so many quality basketball flicks on the large and small screens. A lot of the really good sports documentaries have been about round ball. It is in the spirit of Kyle Watson and Birdie I present the Top 10 Basketball Movies of all time:
10. Space Jam: Great family entry on the list. One part commercial, one par music video one pary Looney Tune and one part GOAT, this was a cool way to do it all. Those XIs he was rocking in this one though…epic, Mikes acting…not so much.
9. The Dream Team: NBA TV did it up with this one. The above mentioned stories were great, but my two favorite had to be the Isaiah Thomas exclusion and that first practice game against the select team anchored by Chris Webber and Bobby Hurley. Way to show a side most people didn’t know.
8. Rebound: the Legend of Earl ‘the Goat” Manigault: Great directing by Mr. Soul-Glo himself Eriq La Salle but his acting…coulda had a V8. Don Cheadle did his thing; this should have been done as a feature but was a HBO movie. This did a good job at telling a story not a lot of people knew.
7. Hoosiers: Lex Luthor as a basketball coach didn’t seem like a fit at first but this movie proved me wrong. It’s a classic tale of a town holding the team back but eventually falling in love with it. A good watch.
6. White Men Can’t Jump: Up until this flick, I could only picture Woody Harrelson as the hick from Cheers, boy did this change my perception. The story was good enough for a buddy flick, but the comedy brought it home. This one is a must have in the collection.
5. Blue Chips: I remember going to see this one in the theater. Shaq was hilarious in this. Alfre Woodard was no joke as Penny’s moms. You could tell nick Nolte didn’t know much about basketball before the movie but he definitely looked at some Bob Knight film. I also loved Al Bundy as the reporter. People love scandal, and that made this one great…word to Neon Boudeaux.
4. Above the Rim: Besides having one of the dopest soundtracks of all time, it was also a pretty dope flick. I also remember going to see this one at the movies. Pac was pretty good I this one, not as good as Juice, but we all remember Birdie. Wood Harris was a soldier. I’m not a huge fan of Leon but at least he didn’t mess the flick up. Marlon Wayans was also good here, he had a very pauseworthy moment in the flick but other than that he was good. This is another must have DVD in your collection.
3. Hoop Dreams: Another documentary entry on the list and is a certified classic. This follows a couple of high school players trying to make it to the big time. You get it all here, sad, happy, funny, everything. I won’t ruin the end for anyone who hasn’t seen this one but…hurry up and see this one. You’ll love it.
2. The Fab Five: Juwan Howard. Ray Jackson. Jimmy King. Jalen Rose. Chris Webber. Black Socks, long shorts, and a whole lot of skill, these kids had it all, just not enough time outs. The story, most of it, got told here. ESPN did their thing with this one. I love that these kids were very Hip-hop. If you are anti-establishment, these dudes were right up you alley. While Jalen is a real dude, and hilarious at times, the stuff he said about Duke was classless. That being said overall this is the one of the best sports docs I’ve ever seen, great stuff.
1. He Got Game: Anyone that knows me, know I’m a big Spike Lee fan. Ray Allen, was good enough here. Denzel Washington picked up his slack. Great suppoting cast, Duh Duh Duh Man aka bill Nunn was great as the greedy uncle who wanted to “get his beak wet”. The 5th element chick was awesome as the hooker with the heart of gold. Who didn’t hate Lala? Good job Rosario. Hill Harper as booger was a nice complement to the story. Thomas Jefferson Bird, John Turturro, and Roger Guenveur Smith, the Spike regulars all also helped make this great. I love this movie.
So there you have it, the best ballin’ flicks out. Honorable mention goes to Coach Carter and Magic Vs Bird. I love sports movies, the sports themselves act as an extra character. You can’t beat a good sports flick and if you don’t agree…Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace