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grammyWhat up y’all? Imma just jump into it, so apparently the Grammys were last night. I saw lots of Facebook posts and tweets about it. Me…watch it…naw buddy…not my steeze. I think we (Hip-Hop) as a culture have a tendency to look for acceptance and validation from the wrong folks. The first Best Rap Performance Grammy was boycotted by most of the acts nominated because the award wasn’t televised. The eventual winners, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, were part of the group that did boycott and became very successful. Kool Moe Dee on the other hand, also nominated but chose not to boycott, took Will Smith’s place as a presenter…karma is real. While the Grammys were on last night a lot of folks were complaining about the winners, especially Nas losing to Drake for album of the year. I can’t wait to see how mad niggas get when Kendrick loses next year. I can’t do the Grammys, its culture rape. A good portion of the acts performing were hip-hop/R&B, yet the majority of the black music awards were “given away at a ceremony earlier on.” I hate that. That is why I don’t watch. Even beyond that, these people don’t really know the music. To put it in perspective, Sir Mix A Lot, Nelly and Young MC have Grammys; Nas and Wu-Tang do not. T.R.O.Y. didn’t even get a nomination! Put it like this, how many of your top ten groups, artists, songs or albums have Grammys? Exactly. If you think a Grammy validates a Hip-Hop artist to the culture…Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace