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Black-History-Month What up y’all. I’m baaaaack. I know it’s been a while but hey…I aint explainin’ a mutha luva. Anyway today is February 1st, Rick James’ birthday, AND the beginning of Black History Month. During the second best month of the year (my birthday is in March) I will be recapping some of the lesser known, but very important dates in Negro history. Today we focus on the 1st of February, 1965. In Selma, Alabama, for some crazy reason the police were locking up black people like hotcakes. So while the fuzz was dealing with that 26 year old Leon Johnson decided to have a dice game. About a half hour in two dope fiends, carrying revolvers, relieved old Leon and his boys of all of their winnings, thus the first dice game getting robbed, a great day in Black History.
I know I’ve been a bit quiet re: the playoffs. The Superbowl is Sunday; I’m picking the Baltimore Ravens in a barn burner for three reasons. A. I like the Raven’s WRs against the 9ers overly aggressive CBs. B. I’ll also take a Ray Lewis (Best film watching player ever) led defense against a rookie QB all day. C. Joe Flacco is playing out of his mind, and is being called by some the best “Big Game QB” in football. Aye, yall thing there’s a possibility Ray took what they say he did? I’ll leave that discussion for another day. What I will say though, Ray, Sizzle, Haloti and Ellerby better put the PAWS on Frank Gore, and Colin Kaepernick. If they do, they should win. But f both teams, the Star shines bright over here. If you’re not down with that…Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace