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ray-lewis-denver-weaponWhat up y’all. Happy New Year, it’s been a while. I’m figuring the title here may piss some folks off; it was done to cause a conversation. I know I will be subtweeted and called a hater because my Cowboys A. lost to the ravens in October, and B. because we’re on the couch and the Ravens are in the AFC Championship game. However this is not the case, the title and subject matter came about from a combination of things.
The first thing I saw that sparked this was NUMEROUS social networking posts that went a little like this: I claim victory (at 4pm at Sports Authority Field at Mile High) in the name of Jesus. Now if you follow me on Twitter (@illfam79) or Facebook you saw I commented that “FYI Jesus does not care who wins a football game…#ILoveYouAllBut #DoBetter”. I know yall pastors are teaching you better than that.

The second thing that I found interesting was when future hall of famer Ray Lewis partially quoted Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against us shall prosper” in a post game interview after probably the second biggest win in Ravens history. A lot of folks immediately seemed to latch on here, as Ray-Ray is a very powerful motivator, and gifted speaker. Here’s the thing, by not quoting the full verse in context it trivializes it by putting part of a verse in the context of a professional football game. It’s kinda like what Tarantino did with the verse in Pulp Fiction with Sam Jackson. Robert Littal (@BlkSportsOnline), the guy who runs the website blacksportsonline.com actually faced some backlash when he questioned Rev. Lewis’ use of the verse on Twitter. He raised the question; did God want the Broncos to lose? I’m sure there are vocal Christians on EVERY team, probably even a player stronger in the word than Ray. If this is the case, why didn’t Tim Tebow get any PT in NY? My point, so it doesn’t get lost in my snarkyness, is God or Jesus isn’t a Raven fan, he’s NOT a Yankee fan, he’s NOT a Laker fan, he’s NOT a New Jersey Devils fan and no, he’s is NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan. If you think so…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace