86855280-larry-merchantWhat up y’all. Boxing is probably my 2nd favorite sport behind football. The sweet science is one of the, if not the most polarizing sports. People say “it’s too violent” or “it died with the heavyweights” or the dumbest of all “MMA/UFC is better”. I do admit it does suffer from the most corruption, but it’s one of the most entertaining sports of all time. It’s the ultimate in one-on-one competition. You can ride on anyone else’s coattails. I love when there’s a questionable result and the social networks fill up with claims of being “done with boxing for good” only to have the same person giving a blow-by-blow account of a fight the very next Saturday. Truth is boxing will ALWAYS be a huge draw. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are WAY bigger stars than George St Pierre, Anderson Silva or Brock Lesnar, and the only reason Brock is so popular is because of his time in the WWE. Hell, Vince McMahon is a bigger star than Dana White. All that being said, on TV and PPV boxing did great numbers. The BHOP/Dawson rematch did over a million views in a “niche” sport. New stars like Adrian Broner and and Austin Trout made names for themselves. Andre Ward proved that he was an elite fighter this year. Big PPVs like Maywaether/Cotto and Pacquiao/Marquez also did over a million buys. There were some sad stories this year (Rest in Peace to Hector Camacho, Johnny Tapia, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Angelo Dundee, Burt Sugar and Manny Steward), but all in all it was a pretty successful year for pugilism. So no, the Pacquiao/Bradley decision did not kill boxing, it is alive and well, if you disagree…your opinion is wrong. Peace