Pacquiao-vs-MayweatherWhat up y’all.  With the KO from Saturday night, the chances of seeing the Floyd/Manny “Superfight” seem slim.  I for one, don’t really care anymore, I already know the outcome of that fight…the clean cut kid from Gran Rapids wins big.  You have a lot of Floyd haters out here that claim he ducked folks, specifically Manny Pacquiao.  That’s just silly, the only two times these fighters were officially at the table…MANNY’S PEOPLE GOT UP, once for a blood test (juice anyone?), and once for wanting an even split…not Floyd’s.  People also say stupid stuff like “Floyd ain’t fighting nobody”, “he’s scared”.  These people have a right to their incorrect opinions.  In fact it when you look at it, Manny has had more of a tendency to fight a fighter after they’ve looked weak or lost.  Let’s look at facts with common opponents:  Exhibit A. Manny didn’t fight De La Hoya until Floyd had beaten him bad and he’d been KO’d by Bernard Hopkins.  He did have a win before he fought Manny but it was a decision to Stevie Forbes, and who is Stevie Forbes.  Floyd fought him after he looked strong KOing Mayorga.  Exhibit B.  Floyd fought an undefeated Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton; Manny decided to wait until he had lost one and then had two tune-up fights once which went the distance.  Exhibit C.  Manny didn’t fight Miguel Cotto until he had gotten ran through by Margarito and split with Clottey.  Floyd on the other hand fought Cotto after looking very strong against Margarito.  Exhibit D. “Sugar” Shane Mosley had just KO’d Mayorga and killed Margarito before he fought Floyd.  On the other hand the loss to Floyd and a draw with Sergio Mora preceded the fight with “Pac Man”.

The truth is Floyd hasn’t fought anyone off a loss since Zab Juda in 2006, meanwhile Manny fought and unproven Tim Bradley, rematches Marquez, and then Clottey off a loss, yet people say stuff like Floyd ducked so-and-so, Manny’s a true champ.  Its funny how during press for an upcoming fight Manny’s brings up Floyd’s name but when he’s between fight he says things like “I don’t need to beat Floyd for my legacy”.  Listen, Manny fights for Bob Arum and his Top Rank Promotions, not a stupid bunch.  They know how to pick and choose fighters so his cash cow doesn’t go down, karma just caught up with them.  I’m not going to even compare their fights with JMM, not close.  Look for Juan and many to do it one mo’ ‘gin and expect Floyd to hop in the ring in May or September, and don’t be surprised if it’s a “somebody”. So if you think Manny takes on all comers…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace Sympathizers