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What up y’all.  I’m a big fan of movies, action flicks, comedies, gangster flicks…all types.  I really love character driven films, movies with that guy you can’t stop quoting or talking about.  A lot of times with these kinds of roles you find yourself having trouble discerning an actor’s roles from one another, or from that person in “real life”.  One actor has been “that guy” in lots of movies:  Samuel L. Jackson.  The prototypical BMF has played all types of people, gangsters, military men, doctors, even a Jedi knight.  Sam is also, quite possibly the best cusser ever on screen.  It is in the spirit of Mr. Jackson’s sophisticated ignorance I present to you the top 10 Samuel L. Jackson roles:

10.  Tat Lawson – Menace II Society:  One of the first side wielding gunners I remember in a movie.  Cain’s pops was an old school G that didn’t take too kindly to folks being delinquent with his money or being asked for fellacio. Tat, tat, tat WTF?

9.  Zeus Carter – Die Hard With a Vengeance:  This electrician helped John McClane solve riddles and foil a robbery masked as revenge.  He can hot wire a car and is handy with a gold brick.  Good movie, Willis and Jackson are good onscreen with each other…pause.

8.  Gin Runny – The Boondocks:  The only animated role on the list, also the only Caucasian.  Not a big fan of nigga technology like texting.  He’s an ex soldier that’s always down for a heist when called upon by the homie Ed Wuncler III and Riley, just not real good with planning.

7.  Lazarus Redd – Black Snake Moan:  How could the black guy with the white gal chained up in his house not make the list?  This God fearing farmer/blues musician, tried to get ol’ Wednesday Addams to stop freakin’ off…tall order.  This is the proverbial hoe into a housewife scenario.  I love his reaction to when she catches the young boy slippin’…just classic.

6.  Señor Love Daddy – Do the Right Thing:  The narrator of Spike Lee’s very hot day in Bed Stuy, Señor Love Daddy is the DJ at 108 on your FM dial with an awesome collection of hats.  He keeps the neighborhood current with news, weather and the latest jams.  I love this movie, and he makes it better.

5.  Carl Lee Hailey – A Time to Kill:  “Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!” a classic quote, from a great movie.  I read this before I saw it, people usually say the book is better than the movie; the book didn’t have Sam Jackson.  They put my man on trial for being the father of the year.  They raped his daughter and when they went on trial he popped out the closet with the chopper and got to choppin’.  TRIAL?!  They should have given him a medal. 

4.  Nick Fury – The Avengers, Iron Man 1 &2, Thor, Incredible Hulk and Captain America:  Marvel started using his likeness for the character Way before he was cast in the role.  Fury is a tough, witty and determined soldier, who takes his tasks seriously.  He get ish done.  He made the Avengers movie.

3.  Gator Purify – Jungle Fever:  The second Spike Lee Joint but only crack head on the list.  This role might be the one that “made” Sammy J.  He played one of two brothers that went separate ways in life, one up the corporate ladder to success and the other to the gutter where even Halle Berry looks bad. The line of a lifetime had to be “I SMOKED the TV!” couple that with the dance of death he does before *SPOILER ALERT* the good Reverend Doctor kills him and you have a classic film.  

2.  Mace Windu – Star Wars Episodes I II & III:  Jedi councilman Windu had the only purple light saber.  The big deal here, is there being a black Jedi.  The last bruh in the Star Wars universe I remember was Lando Calrissian, and he a. wasn’t a Jedi and B. had to sell Colt 45 to get the role.  Sam did this right here.

And the number one role of Samuel Leroy Jackson’s career is…

1.  Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction:  This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The Jheri curl, the suit, the altered Bible verse, the million and one quotes from him in this movie, it all made the perfect character.  The scene at the apartment beginning with the foot rub conversation, Brett’s burger, the conversation with Brett, and the way he tells Marvin to come on made that one of the best scenes in cinema ever.  The diner scene with Honey Bunny and her boyfriend is also epic.  Do you remember his wallet?  BMF, who’s F’n with Sam Jackson?

And there you have it, the best Sam Jack roles.  The highest grossing actor ever, is also one of the best to do it and my favorite actor.   Main man is cool as a penguin on a glacier drinking a slurpee.  You gotta love it.  Well, get your pets spayed and neutered, follow me on Twitter and IG (@illfam79) and root for America’s team this weekend.  Samuel L. Jackson, the greatest of all time and if you disagree…Your Opinion is Wrong.  Peace.