What up y’all.  What a weekend, a bit turned down from last week, but fun.  Friday was my wife’s birthday.  We ended up meeting friends for dinner downtown.  The Corner Bistro, on Penn St. has great food for the low by the way.  After that we went to a karaoke bar in Canton, fun times.  There was a Santa Clause bar crawl that we ran into.  These people were hammered, and the funniest part was when my cousin asked how many stops they made and one of them said that was their 2nd stop, lol…fun night.  Did breakfast the next morning with family, that was cool, then we went home and crashed.  We (my wife, my son and I) spent the rest of the day in our bed.  We woke up after 3 and didn’t really leave the bed until maybe 7 to go get dinner.  Finally got up with the homie and went to check out the fight.  From looking at the 24/7, I figured a few things:  a. Manny wouldn’t win on the cards b. Marquez was on the juice and c. we were in for an interesting fight.  The fight proved me correct, started fast as all the others had and they were not going to disappoint.  *Spoiler Alert* at the end of the 6th, after both men having been down during the fight, Juan Manuel Marques knocked Manny Pacquiao the F out with a perfect counter right.  It was so entertaining, even with the douche bags sitting next to us.  The way the social networking folks went in with the Pacquiao memes…hilarious.  I think the best ones I saw were:  Manny as Ricky from Boys in the Hood, Manny about to get rock bottomed and Manny about to get 3D’d by the Dudleys, great stuff.  Football on Sunday with my uncles was dope.  The Ravens let me down, so did the sorry Saints.  My Cowboys went through tragedy this week, losing one player to death and another for causing it. While dealing with that, probably the best combination of o line and d lines in the league, and at one time during the game, had only 3 defensive starters on the field, we came back and finished well and won.  It was the best coaching of Jason Garrett’s career.  RIP Jerry Brown.  By the way if you MMA folks think that the UFC product will EVER match the quality of a well put together championship Boxing match…Your Opinion is Wrong.  Peace