What up y’all.  What a weekend.  I made a little trip to see some family folks in VA.  I rode down with my aunt, uncle, cousin and my new favorite: Maple Finished Crown Royal.  So apparently there was an email sent saying the dress for the function was “dressy casual”.  My cousin, uncle and me, all wearing sneakers, were unaware of said email.  I actually packed some slippery earls along with a sweater just in case, but decided against rocking them.  The whole way down the road my cousin is pumping my uncle’s head up like “You think they’re going to let us in?” To which he replied “LET me in?!”  I knew from then it was going to be interesting.  Little did I know that as we enter the event, mildly underdressed, that right before a prayer my uncle would yell “WE IN HERE FAMILY!!!!”   Classic stuff.  Sidebar:  there are quite a few line dances I have never seen, even one with a pocket, either they have never made it up to MD or I’m just a grown man that has no business knowing about line dances…anyway.  The rest of the event went off without a hitch, the after party…wow.  Let’s start with not being able to cop any liquor after the function.  My peoples caught a blow out on the way to the after party.  I met cousins I’ve never met before and learned new stuff about cousins I already knew.  There was an older couple that insisted on freaking off.  There were fisticuffs accompanied by some of the illest smack ever spoken…EVER.  I bonged some brew and cracked some jokes.  The host made some dangerous concoction filled with fruit.  He also made shots of something called a buttery nipple.  He then proceeded to pass out on his lazy boy…upside down.  Overall a dope time, got a chance to grab some Shoney’s on the way home and I made it home before kickoff of the 1PM games.  Good times, we must do it again.  Anyway, the Cowboys got a win, but I have to root for the stinkin’ Skins tonight.  It’s beautiful outside and it always good to find another place you feel welcomed.  If you’re not down with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace