What up y’all. There are a few shows where I can watch reruns, no matter how many times I’ve seen it. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sanford & Son (the greatest show if all time), and Martin make up the short list. Martin was one of the first joints I just could not miss. That would mess up my whole week. It had a dope cast, very funny writing and the most outrageous characters. Fox had one until Gina messed it all up. Anyway, this is one of my favorite shows, black comedy at its best. It is in the spirit of Bruh Man from the fif flo’ and WZUP that I present the Top Ten Episodes of Martin.

10. Beauty and the Beast – The premier episode, the one that started it all. Martin was talking real slick on the radio about how he handles things at the house, how he has his girl Gina “trained”. Strange thing about the radio is that it goes out all over the city, even where Gina is. She hears the show and checks Martin, it gets resolved in the bedroom where Gina get the upper hand but Gina rides out and puts on like Martin ran thing in there. Nobody buys it. Roll credits. The End. Very Funny.
9. High Noon – The Mad Dog No Good episode. Mad Dog is a gangster Martin testified against back in the day. Well Mr. No Good just got out, and wants to repay Martin. Martin goes all over town to see who’s got his back, nobody, except for the old dude in the barbershop that wanted to know who’s scared of a sad dog. Turned out Mad Dog (RIP Gary Colman)was reformed, and really wanted to thank Martin. Classic.
8. Romantic Weekend – Tommy and Pam celebrate six months together by going to a resort. Gina gets a bit jealous and lets Martin know she wants to go on a vacation. At first Martin is resistant, and then he gets the hook up: a weekend at Chilligan’s Island sound like the plan until they get there. Gina and Martin ended up at a “get what you pay for” resort. The best part here, what make this episode so memorable, is that big rat/gerbil thing and the fight it has with Martin. Great stuff.
7. Love Is In Your Face (Part I & II) – This is a classic episode, it’s not real big on comedy but an episode everyone remembers. Gina gets a job offer in NY. Pam says go but Gina loves Martin and doesn’t want to leave. Stan, Martin’s boss, puts the idea in Martin’s head that Gina is trying to trap him. He decides to let her go, because it just a trap and he’s not going for it, calls her bluff. She wasn’t bluffing. She leaves. Once he figures out it was for real he decides to actually propose. Gets a ring and does it the right way, gets Brian McKnight to sing and everything. Great television.
6. Holiday Blues – It’s the holiday and Gina is homesick. She whines and complains until Martin breaks down and decides to take Gina to visit her parents. We all know how tight Martin is with the paper so they decide to take a bus. A blizzard hits and proves that it really is cold in the D. Martin and Gina are stranded at the bus station until the morning. My favorite scene here is when Gina talks Martin into giving Ms. Jerry his sandwich that he’d packed for the trip as there was no food in the bus station and she claims to be an old lady and was going hungry. She takes it, smells it, spikes it on the floor and grinds it like she was putting out a cigarette and says “Tuna! I don’t eat no damn tuna.” F’n classic.
5. Suspicious Minds – Martin gets a new expensive CD player that he brags on. Inevitably, it comes up missing. Once again, Stan puts a bug in his ear, leading him to believe one of his close friends, or even his girlfriend has stolen his CD player. On a dark and stormy night Martin pulls together all of them, Nino Brown style in all black with a fake dog to complete the scene, together to figure out who the thief is. During the scene, Bruh Man (from the 5th floor) returns the player. When confronted by martin, Bruh says “You didn’t get the note I left up under your bathroom sink.” Great quote, great episode.
4. Dead Men Don’t Flush – Martin’s toilet gets clogged. He calls in a plumber who dies on the job. They try and bring him back with a hilarious stunt with a plunger, no dice. They eventually accept his fate and have Tommy give a great eulogy and has Pam sing before they roll him down the stairs and pour scotch down his throat. He wakes up, telling them he wasn’t dead but it was a stupor. Really funny.
3. Guard Your Grill – Top three, I wrestled with the order of these three. Martin is in a celebrity boxing exhibition against a DJ from another station in Detroit. Martin takes it too serious and really beats the guy up. He takes his title and throws a victory party. Tommy Hearns shows up and tries to holla at Gina. Martin doesn’t take too kindly to this and tells the “Hitman” that he talked to Sugar Ray, and he calls him the “Get Hitman” and then foolishly challenges him to a fight. Tommy Hearns shows up and proceeds to beat the breaks off of ol’ Marty Mar. I don’t know who did the make up for the end of the episode but WOW. Fan-frickin-tastic, it was so funny.
2. Arms Too Short To Box With Martin – Tommy comes in talking up his new girl and how he’s so much in love. They get a visit from Bushwick Bill and his homeboy who knock Tommy smooth out. Martin won’t be disrespected so him and Cole gas up the Pacer and hit the local midget bar.  The ruffle some feathers and end up getting roughed up a little bit (see what I did there).  Two classic quotes in the bar: “I don’t know, why don’t you go ask your mamma” and the simple but hilarious “Shut up Gary Coleman”.  So they hire, in his first appearance, Dragon Fly Jones and his assistant Kenji. This is “Spit-Up” funny.  The master ends up getting roughed up himself by his assistant for nonpayment.  Anyway, the whole crew makes it back down to the bar and confronts Bushwick and lil homie with the nunchucks.  Tommy ends up giving one of his world famous sermons and things end with a bow on it.  “Aw man homie, my mind’s playing tricks on me”.
1.  Hollywood Swinging’ (Part I & II) – “Did ya miss me?!”  This one was a two parter that had it all, and unlike the other duel episode on here had LOTS of comedy.  Gina and Pam get promotions  and Martin’s hosting the opening of a ccommunity center.  Varnell Hill, who was in the same spot Martin is in 2 years ago, takes his place.  Varnell is a fake Arsenio Hall, who blew up from WZUP.  Varnell ends up doing Martin’s show.  The interview is hilarous.  They start adlibbing during the scene and Martin even struggles to keep a straight face during it.  Look at Martin’s face when Tommy Davidson say “the catfish are delicious”.  At the end of the interview Varnell invites Martin to come to Hollywood to do his show anytime.  Feeling unappreciated at his job and stuck in a rut he quits his job.  Cole getting free tickets anywhere so the crew takes advantage and heads out to take Snookie’s boss up on his offer.  After an altercation with a Mike Jackson impersonator and Pam chasing Denzel Washington, they get to the set.  Gina and Cole go in the audience while Tommy and Martin go looking for Varnell.  When they finally run into Varnell and a gang of snow bunnies, he tells Martin to wait in the crowd for his segment.   After taking too long Martin decides to take matter in his own hands and hops on stage with Jodeci to do a CLASSIC rendition of “Lately”.  Nick nack paddy wack, give a dog a bone.  So funny.  It ends up not working out but a great episode, the best.

I know some of y’all may not agree and your favorite episode may not even be on here.  Be sure to let me know with a reply here, a Facebook reply or get at me on twitter @illfam79.  Turkey day is in two days and I’m getting pumped for family and the Turkey Bowl…if you’re not down with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace