What up yall.  A few weeks ago I re-casted one of my favorite 80’s flicks of all time: The Last Dragon.  It seemed to go over well.  This week I feel like doing the same thing but with a twist.  There was a skit on In Living Color where Jim Carrey was Ted Turner playing his “colorized classics”.  He took old movies and put in an all black cast.  It is in the spirit of these joints I present:  Back to the Future (2013) written, produced and directed by Earl Wilkerson aka Mr. Your Opinion Is Wrong aka @illfam79 on twitter aka Earl’s dad Earl.

Set in a small town right outside of Baltimore, called Ill Valley, young high school student Marty McFly, has three friends, his girl friend Jenny, his old head Dr. Cleophis Brown aka Doc B, and Doc B’s pit bull George Washington Carver, but they call him peanut.  Marty’s kind of a weird kid, into 90’s backpack Hip-Hop, skateboarding (completely obsessed with Nike SB skater P-Rod) and anime flicks.  Doc Brizzle creates a time machine out of a split pea green 1985 Caprice and his invention, the flux capacitor.   One night while testing it out in the parking lot of Arundel Mills, two guys that had just lost everything in the casino decide to rob Marty and the doc.  To escape, Marty hopped in the time machine and bolted back to 1984 as the Doc gets murked out.  The time machine runs out of fuel during this trip.  Stuck in the past Marty finds 1984 Doc Brown and tries to charge up the ride to get back home.  He tells Marty he needs a week to repair it.  On his second day in 1984 Marty runs into his young moms, who immediately falls for him and tries to give him some.  Moms was a freak.  By doing this he accidentally steps on his father’s toes and cuts him out of his mother’s life.  On Marty’s cell phone the pictures of his family are beginning to delete one by one.  He has to figure out how to get his parents together, keep Biff, the neighborhood bully; Lorraine’s stalker and Marty’s Dad George’s boss in the future at a rim and detailing shop, off his back, and get back to warn Doc B of the jack move.  Hilarity ensues. Roll credits, the end. 

Marty McFly:                         Evan Ross

Dr. Cleophis Brown :           Samuel L. Jackson

Lorraine Bains/McFly:        Meagan Good

George McFly:                      Orlando Jones

Biff Tannen:                          Terrence Howard

Jenny Parker:                      Lauren London

Biffs Goons:                          Curtis Snow

                                                Big K.R.I.T.

                                                Ron Killings



There you have it, immortalized on the interwebs so none of yall can steal my idea and sell it to Tyler Perry.  I hate Tyler Perry.  I have a great weekend planned. Meade vs Old Mill playoff game tonight will be packed.  I’m hitting the beer/bourbon/wine festival in Laurel tomorrow.  Finally on Sunday, I’ll watch football, watch my ‘Boys beat the Browns, and then watch Survivor Series.  The weekend is already full.  The sun is shining, my Cowboys and Mustangs got wins on the way, and I’m about to be rich off the screenplay for my new movie, and if you’re not down with that I’ve got four words for you…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace