What up y’all. My bad on two day in a row of sports but I had something to say yesterday.  It seems crazy that it’s already week ten. I haven’t done picks in a few weeks on the blog here. My “Boys are a game under .500 on the way up. Jason Garrett must go but I don’t want Sean Peyton as the head coach. Our team lacks a personality on offense and special teams. Our defense, for the first time in years, has an identity, because of Rob Ryan. Bringing in Peyton would pretty much send Rob packing eventually. We NEED him. Bring in a good O coordinator and promote him, and hire a GM while you’re at it Jerry. Anyway, let me get off my Cowboys soapbox. Here are my picks for week 10:
Thursday Night Football
Miami over Buffalo
Early Games
The ‘Boys Over the Browns
Texans over the Jags
Rams over the Jets
Tampa over Carolina
Falcons over Cardinals
Packers over the Lions
‘Skins over the eagles
Cincy over KC
Afternoon Games
Saints over the Raiders
Pats over Indy
Denver over San Diego
Sunday Night Football
Ravens over the Steelers
Monday Night Football
Bears over the 49ers

Not defending picks this week, just made them.  Don’t bet on my joint this is just for fun.  I’m thinking something really fun tomorrow, maybe a recasting of a classic flick.  I do need my ‘Boys to win Sunday though.  Follow me on twitter @illfam79 reply to this post and don’t be afraid to share this on Facebook or retweet on twitter. Go Cowboys and go Mustangs (beat Old Mill)…and if you ain’t down with that Your Opinion Is Wrong.  PEACE