What up y’all.  I’ll be short, but sweet today.  I find it incredibly stupid for someone to expect someone to be a supporter of one sports team or another.  If you live near such and such city you have to be a fan of them.  The dumbest of these expectations, usually from a ‘Skins fan, they ask “How you gonna be a Dallas fan and you’ve never been to Dallas”.  Well do you only like Baltimore rap music?  Get outta here, just because you were told who to root for by a town that probably talks trash about where you’re from (i.e. Baltimore City vs “The County”), does not mean I’m the same robot.  Another group of folks that should take a long walk off a short pier, people that go to or root for a certain college and say “did you go there” naw…I used to meet your moms there.  Can I be a fan of college football/basketball when I’m in elementary school?  So, what if you move?  What if you’re a lifelong Yankee fan and good old dad get a new job in Boston.  Does you zip code determine your fandom.  Better yet, your mom’s firm changed offices from Charm City to Chocolate City, you gotta move there, do you go from Ravens to Redskins.  What if I live exactly in the middle between Bmore and DC?  Who’s my team “supposed” to be then?  What if your city has two teams?  All the teams I like are from personal experiences.  I was a fan of Herschel Walker, he was a Cowboy when I started watching football, and there you have it.  My favorite two basketball players from the 80s were Isaiah Thomas and Michael Adams, thus, even today; I am a Pistons and Wizards fan.  I thought the Cleveland Indians had the dopest logo in sports, couple that with Albert Belle being my favorite baseball player ever and there you have it.  Around 1989-1990 my uncle actually played for the Tennessee Volunteers…instant fan.  My favorite color is royal blue, when I was 8 my aunt bought me a Duke Blue Devils sweatshirt, a royal blue one, fan for life.  There is pretty much a story for every team I like so it’s tough for me to buy “Earl, you should be a ______ fan, just because you live in blah blah blah. If you think your sports fandom should be determined by you zip code or your area code…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  Peace