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What up yall.  I’MMMM BAAAAACK!!!!!  I know it’s been a while but hey, I’ve been watching my beloved football team give games away, and it’s stressing me out.  I’ve been going out to family functions and hanging with my wife and kid, you know living life.  So let us get to it, the reason I’m making my triumphant return today, is tomorrow.  D-Day, it will either be a new day with Mitts, or four more with Barry O.  I figure I’d express my feelings and why I’m voting the way I am, seeing that your opinion is wrong and all (ahhhh, ‘he said it’).  In any event, let us look at the combatants.  You have the challenger, Willard Mitt Romney, the GOP guy, the very Mormon governor of Massachusetts.  He wants to repeal “Obamacare” and get this economy on what he calls “the right track”.  He failed to get the nod as the republican presidential candidate in 2008, mostly because he was called, by his own party, a flip flopper, and a vulture capitalist.   His faith was also called into question by the strong Christian right.  This time around he won the nod, in my opinion, because he was the only candidate that wasn’t a totally, what’s the technical team I’m looking for, oh yeah nutso yahoo mutant like the other candidates.
Then we have the incumbent, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry O, the former senator from the windy city.  He ran on “Change” four years ago.  He also promised to end the war in Iraq, make us more energy independent, and provide universal health care.   Done, done, and done.
There’s an easy choice here.  The current administration inherited a country in free fall, the automotive industry was almost dead, the economy was on the brink of collapse, and Osama Bin Laden was running around still making new tapes like Tupac.  The GOP keeps asking, “Are we better than we were four years ago?”  Damn right, American car companies are back, jobs are up, and old Bin Ladi dadi is now chillin’ with Tupac #ThugLife.  He repealed ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, which was great, if one of the rainbow warriors (not to be confused with the football team from Hawaii) wants to fight for his country how you gonna tell homie business to everybody, and the folks that haven’t volunteered to fight for our country should just shut up anyway.
Another hot button issue is the middle class, in my opinion our country’s strength.  All parties agree that the middle class must do well for our county to prosper.  The president thinks the way to go is education, invest directly into our youth.   Invest in clean energy, which is killing two birds with one stone.  Investing in the environment and creating a new industry.  Mr. Romney wants to continue tax breaks for large corporations to encourage them by comfort, to offer more jobs.  The problem with that thinking is one of my MAJOR issues with him.  The powerful/rich’s primary concern is a bottom line.  He wants to run the country like a Wal-Mart.  The top continues to cut from the bottom and MIDDLE to increase revenue.  It is smart business, successful business even, but not the way to run a country.  It doesn’t account for people. It’s the Billy Beane way of running things.  It works for baseball, but not the good ol’ US of A.
A lot of right wing bible belters will cling to the gay rights stuff.  These people, usually southern Baptists, can’t be serious.  You couldn’t be a Mormon priest and black until 1978, but you could still pray to God to cure you of your blackness with the power of the magic drawls.  If that hate is OK then you religion is wrong.
Mitt is a successful businessman from Bain Capital.  Here he employed the most un-American business practice I can think of, outsourcing, taking away jobs from Americans to cut your bottom-line.  He was also born into money, which isn’t a sin, but he cannot relate to the middle class struggle, sound familiar…sounds like old George W. Bush, who I refer to as republican Voldemort, aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.  Going down that road again is probably not the move.
So the good folks over here at the “Your Opinion Is Wrong” blog (just me) endorse the incumbent, Barack Obama, four more years for number 44 just rolls off the tongue, it just sounds right, it just feels right, it is right.  But, most importantly: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!  If your guy loses and you didn’t vote, shut your pie hole, Martin Luther the King didn’t die for you to be a douche’.  So get out and vote, for whomever, just vote but if you vote for the other guy, Your Opinion Is Wrong.  PEACE