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What up yall.  Ravens week has arrived.  I know a lot of yall are Ravens fans…I’m rooting against your team this week…hard…F purple.  I lost 3 games last week; let’s see if we can do even better this week.  The ‘Boys are coming off one of the worst games I’ve ever see them play but with 4 to 5 defensive starters coming back, us coming off of a bye week, J. Witten getting on track, and Mr. Ware introducing himself to Mr. Flacco this weekend things could be looking up.  That being said here are my picks for week six:

Thursday Night Football

Steelers over Tennessee

Early Games

My Cowboys over the Ravens

Rams over Miami

Lions over Philly

Cincy over the Browns

Indy over the Jets

Tampa over KC

Atlanta over Oakland

Late Games

Seahawks over New England

Arizona over Buffalo

Skins over Vikings

9ers over the Giants

Sunday Night Football

Texans over the Packers

Monday Night Football

Broncos over the Chargers

There you have it…I will completely miss all the early game except for the purple pigeons vs Americas team.  Tannehill is improving but I still like the Rams even without Danny A.  I see Detroit getting Mike Vick to continue to cough up the rock.  The Browns stink…the Jets too.  KC played well against Bmore but I think the left it all on the field, along with their QB, gotta love those fans.  I fully expect the Falcons to keep rolling, but I say the finally put one away early here.    In the afternoon I like Brady and Co. to lose to the 12th man in the toughest place to play in football.  I like AZ over the defenseless Bills, Buffalo’s been had.  I like the Skins D against Minnesota. San Fran will beat the G-Men and I hope we don’t have to suffer through that wack salsa this week.  The team who looks the best so far this year, the Texans, should beat the Packers who just canst seem to get it together, and had a few key injuries last week.  Finally I’m taking the Broncos to beat the Bolts in SD, that team has no identity.  That does is for this edition of the #YOIW picks…Go Cowboys and if you aint down with that…Your Opinion Is Wring.  Peace