What up yall.  So because of Columbus Day, I was off yesterday.  I figure I’d take the previous Friday off and make it a four day weekend, what the hay?  So I come in this morning, after my wonderful four day weekend to a prank.  I get to my desk and find FIFTEEN pictures of the gentleman pictured below here.  There were pictures everywhere, two on the book ledge, three on my computer monitor, three taped in front of my keyboard and the rest taped to the walls of my cubical.  It looks like he stole those draws from some lady.  There is a photo of the gentleman with his tongue out as he enjoys an adult beverage (Colt 45 works every time).  He had one set posing with a wiffle ball bat.  There’s a picture where the guy just has some stone washed jeans on.  They went all out; there was this carved statue with a huge erection in top of my computer with a sombrero on.  And on top of all that, the huge cherry on top of this double scoop of pause chocolate sundae…a love letter, written to a woman, only mentioned as “Butterscotch”.  Here is my favorite excerpt of this all caps, double spaced four page love note dated December 1, 1989:

It is very difficult writing at this time, because love cream is Wuzzin out of my candy stick (or is it yours).

LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  This dude here…ayo, really? Are you kidding me?  This is how my work week starts?  So I immediately take out my cell and start recording video.  Talk about must see TV.  Revenge must be had.  My commentary by the way is epic as well.  Here is the whole ordeal in pictures and video.

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