Yeah I know I know…I saw it…thank God for bye weeks…that being said, I didn’t do half bad last week.  The refs came back…made bad calls…like i said.  A few crazy games but in general I had a good week.  Here are my Week 5 Picks:

Thursday Night

Arizona over St. Louis

 Early Games

Bengals over the Dolphins

Giants over the Browns

Green Bay over Indy

Pittsburg over Philly

Dirty Birds (Atl) over the Skins

Ravens over Kansas City

 Late Games

Bears over the Jags

Seattle over Carolina

San Fran over Buffalo

Pats over the Broncos

Minnesota over Tennessee

 Sunday Night

Saints over the Chargers

Monday Night

Texans over the Jets

There you have it.  The Cards have been really good, but I expect a good one of Stephen Jackson and Danny Amindola can have decent games.  Bengals, Giants both play bad team they SHOULD beat.    I like Green Bay’s offense to keep rolling.  I have a feeling the good fortune Eagles lose their horseshoe.  I picked Atlanta but I have a weird feeling about that game.  Bears should keep rolling against Jacksonville.  Seahawks D should be able to shut down Cam, who lost the game single handedly last week.  Buffalo won’t score against the 9ers, but Alex Smith better watch his back for his #1 spot come up missing.  Only reason I picked New England is because they were home, their O is better but the Denver defense is pretty good, definitely better than the Pats.  That should be a barn burner.  Viks over Tennessee and someone put an APB out for Chris Johnson.  Saints get their first win on Sunday night.  And Houston is still playing some of the best football in the NFL, a very complete team, that game should be over in the 3rd.  There you have it.  For me it’s Ravens week already.  With 5 defensive starters coming back to practice this week and Witten coming around finally things are looking up.  We have nowhere to go but up really so #HBTC #AllDay.  YOIW Peace