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What up yall.  Well the news of the day is that the NFL refs are back. Just in case you don’t follow me on Twitter (@illfam79)…BREAKING NEWS:  The regular refs will still blow calls.  That being said, the games should move a lot faster and there will be less fights.  Anyway, I guess I’ll make my picks for the week.  After the last two weeks I shouldn’t…I’ve been horrible…lots of CRAZY games and results (see SEA vs GB) with ten upsets last week.  I guess I’ll soldier on.  Well here they are, my week four picks, don’t bet with these:

Baltimore over Cleveland

49ers over the Jets

Seattle over the Rams

Atlanta over Carolina

Detroit over Minnesota

Chargers over the Chiefs

Houston over the Titans

Pats over the Bills

Cincy over the Jags

Denver over Oakland

Arizona over the Fins

Tampa over the Skins

Packers over the Saints

Giants over the Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys over Da Bears
If you think I’m ever going to NOT pick my Cowboys you must not know me, by the way, check out where we rank in total defense and let me know.  Expect Ray Rice to have a big night in front of the returning refs even on a short week.  9ers, Green Bay, Detroit, Seattle and the Patriots should all play pissed off and win this week.  Atlanta is playing real good football so far and it’s hard to pick against them, same with Houston.  I just don’t believe anything KC does; I don’t think they’re a good team.  Cincy is a good team with a good young QB that can move the ball and the Jags are…the Jags.  I still like Peyton to make move this season starting with getting a divisional win this week.  No Reggie Bush, no WRs and the Cards have been ballin’ as well, easy pick.  I stand by not being able to pick RGIII & Co. against any quality competition without Orakpo and Skins players droppin’ like flies.  The Giants have been playing better each game since week one, really since that fourth quarter against the Bucs.  Couple that with the fact that Philly has no O line and Mike Vick stay runnin’ like Ricky down that alley and you KNOW he gonna get got.  JPP meet Mike, Mike meet JPP and his friends Osi and Justin. Gonna be a long day…but with wins by my Cowboys and the Giants, Dallas should be in 1st by the end of week 4.   How ‘Bout Them Cowboys…#YOIW Peace