What up yall. It’s Tuesday, more NFL. I’m going to make Wednesdays short and sweet, my picks for the week:
Giants over Carolina
Indy over the Jags
Cleveland over Buffalo
Jets over Miami
Saints over Kansas City
Cincy over the Skins
Lions over Tennessee
San Fran over the Vikings
Bears over the St. Louis
Dallas over the Bucs
Atlanta over San Diego
Philly over the Cards
Steelers over Oakland
Denver over Houston <=== game of the week
New England over the Ravens
Green Bay over the Seahawks
A few things wouldn’t surprise me here. Cam and the boys could eek one out against the world champs, they are notorious slow starters and their secondary aint 100%. That and that huge 4th qtr last week may have taken its toll on a short week. CEL v BUF is a tossup. I wanna see how the Skins look like without Orakpo and Carriker. Look for the Rams to put up a fight, I’m a Danny Amendola fan and the notorious “let down game” could be hanging over Chicago. The only reason I like the Pats over Bmore is because they haven’t been getting pressure off the ends and TEs have done well against them, enter NE, the offense that runs through that position. But I can’t wait to sit and watch the Denver/Houston game, two great teams and Peyton coming off a bad week. It will be interesting. There are my picks, some will be wrong, some will be dead on. I hope we get a bunch of good games and I can’t wait to sit in front of my TV and my beloved RedZone on Sunday. Peace. #YOIW