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What up yall.  I know, I know, my Cowboys lost…and lost bad.  It reminded me of the Ravens loss to Tennessee last year after crushing the Steelers week one and then the classic “let down” game.  I hope that’s what it was. But I see Sean Lee is leading the league in tackles so far, he’s on his way to the Pro Bowl. Back to my horrible week in the NFL, every game I was either wrong on, or didn’t think it would be as close as it was. DAL, DEN, and CHI all laid eggs this week. MIA surprisingly mustered some offense.  I did expect the Texans to whip the Jags.  But Buffalo putting up 35 to win (WTF).  CLE put up a good fight in Cincy in a losing effort.   Great game in Philly, Bmore lost but it was a really good game.  Luck looked better in a win this week but still has a ways to go.  RGIII got beat by the Rams, coaching decisions and Josh Morgan’s temper (I love it), and Danny Amendola (former Cowboys practice squad member) got his thing off.  The Saints are looking like that crazy offseason is taking its toll as they start 0-2 losing to Killa Cam in Carolina.    Eli had to throw for 500+, 3 TDs and score 25 in the 4th to comeback to beat Tampa Bay at home.  I mentioned last year there were 3 teams that went undefeated at home and that I thought all 3 would go down at their place this year.  Last week it was the Saints, and this week the Pats go down at home to the 2-0 Cards.  In not really shocker news, PIT went over the Jets, San Fran beat the Lions and the Chargers beat the Titans in another Chris Johnson no shown in San Diego.  I was thinking about doing picks on Wednesdays every week but I may have won 5 games this week. 

Anyway, this morning, one of my homeboys from high school felt like Antonio Romo slander was gonna be a good idea on twitter.  (What up Ernie aka @Feevaleo?)  Of course he threw playoffs victories in my face.  I had to explain that Romo is an upper tier QB and has had a defense that didn’t wanna back him up (5 4th qtr leads blown by the D last year while he went 31 TDs to 10 picks.  He has 3 pro bowls and a 96.9 career QB rating, number 2 all time.)   Random:   elite is an undefined buzz word used by sportscasters.  What I will say is I do recognize isn’t the class of QB that Peyton, Brady, Drew Breese and Aaron Rodgers are, but he is the next rung down.  Then my Harmans homeboy tried to say JAY CUTLER is better using the Superbowl as a litmus test.  I had to explain that a. Grossman was the Superbowl QB for Lovie and Co. and b. that Superbowls are a HORRIBLE measuring stick for QB quality.  It is in the spirit of that truth I present, in chronological order, the Top Ten Superbowl quarterbacks that Dan Marino is better than. 

  1.  Joe Theismann
  2. Jim Plunkett
  3. Jim McMahon
  4. Phil Simms
  5. Doug Williams
  6. Jeff Hostetler
  7. Mark Rypien
  8. Troy Aikman (Yeah I said it)
  9. Trent Dilfer
  10. Brad Johnson

No descriptions needed here.  Marino is head and shoulders above EVERY QB here.  9 time pro bowler, 61,000 + career yards, best Monday Night Football QB ever (google the stats) best 4th qtr QB, fastest to 100 and 200 TDs, most games over 400 yards etc. etc.  You carry 53 on your roster in the NFL for a reason.  That being said I wonder how Fried Drexler’s beloved Joey Flacco would fare without #27, #52, #20, and the rest of the defense that has been one of the best in football Joe’s whole career.   How many playoff wins would he have?  I’ll tell you one thing for sure he’d have the same amount of Superbowl wins, ZERO.  If you think you can win a Superbowl as a single player…Your Opinion Is Wrong