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Whelp…here we are…8:30 PM tonight…Dallas Cowboys football. If you are a fan of another team, you may not take kindly to some of the things I’m gonna say in the coming months. Today we remember Terrance Newman’s days as a Cowboy; he couldn’t cover bread with butter last season. Good luck Bengals. Speaking of coverage, between Claiborne, Carr, Church, Jenkins, and Sensabaugh we got more coverage than Verizon. If Eli has to hold the ball another second because Victor Cruz aint open like a Korean liquor store on Christmas and Demarcus Ware is on that arse, I’ll say it’ll be tougher to score. Also our linebackers, specifically Sean Lee and Dan Conner, both Penn State alumni, look to keep QBs honest an RBs from getting 1st downs. All that and a full camp with Rob Ryan’s defensive schemes will lead to Ws and trouble for opposing offenses. Speaking of offense, a full season with Demarco Murray with Felix Jones and Phillip Tanner playing Robin and Tonto is a good look. Dez is going to try and out play his trouble. The kid Dwayne Harris could be a nice little spark to that O as well. Let me not forget the most hated/underrated QB in the league, coming off a 31-10 TD to Pick ratio and 4000+ (102.5 QB Rating) season to improve and continue to run this offense. I also expect our 1st round pick from a year ago, Tyron Smith, to improve and give our QB some time back there. What causes me worry though is offensive line play, Jason Witten’s spleen, Miles Austin’s Hamstring, Jay Ratliff’s ankle and Jason Garrett’s conservative play calling (another case of the conservatives holding us back). I believe good QB and WR play on Offense and a real good D should help us overcome those issues. In any event, my ‘Boys play tonight, on the road to the Superdome. I can’t wait and the rules for tonight are if you aint got your colors on…shut up. I can’t wait. Cant wait to talk (argue) football with the fam this evening, it’s gonna be fun. HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!! If you aint down with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace