What up yall. Been a while.  I got some good response from the top ten Hip Hop duos. I thought about how in all those pairs, there was usually one person who carried the weight, ran the anchor leg, one of them was the leader. Everybody loves the lead, but what about the other guy. The other guy usually does the grunt work. They drive, they fight and the “hero” gets to slap the cuffs on and kiss the girl. It is in the spirit of this travesty I present the Top Ten Sidekicks of all time.
10. Rallo Larson (Main man: Lamont Sanford) – Rita Larson’s baby boy and Lamont Sanford’s best friend wasn’t the most trustworthy guy in the world (just ask Fred), but he was a rider. The was a time when Fred was in St Louis and Grady was taking care of the house that some wild parsley sprung up in the garden that turned out to be the chronic. When they realized what it was they knew that had to get rid of it before the fuzz got wind of the reefa. That’s when this back and forth took place.
Lamont Sanford: [Thinking of what to do with the marijuana plants] We gotta think of some way to get rid of that stuff.
Rollo Larson: Hey, don’t worry, baby! I’ll do it.
Lamont Sanford: Wait a minute! I know – I’ll burn it!
Rollo Larson: That’s exactly what I had in mind!
09. Cockroach/Cole Brown (Main man: Theo Huxtable/Martin Payne) – This guy earned a spot more for his comedy than his friendship. Yall remember the time Cockroach and Theo went to Dance mania? They get to the TV station and due to the fire code there is only one spot left. Theo fell victim to Walter Bradley being a real G. Theo fakes the nice guy role saying “go ahead”, expecting Cockroach to return the serve, but my man takes the ball and goes to the dance floor to see Tina. Theo was TIGHT…but that’s what happens when you play it phoney. RENT-EM-SPOONS!!!!!!!
08. Doc Brown (Main man: Marty McFly) – Doctor Emmitt Brown was Mary McFly’s best friend, mentor, confidant, advisor, time travel tour guide and DeLorean wheelman. Great Scott Marty, what more can you ask for.
07. Ed McMahon (Main man: Johnny Carson) – Heeeeeeeers Eddie. It would have been nice if at least one time the king of the couch would have done that for his one man laugh track.

06.  Spock (Main man:  James T. Kirk) – This was a logical choice for number 6.  Half human, half vulcan all business.    Have you ever see the Vulcan death grip, that live long and prosper sign aint for peace.

05.  Manny “Manolo” Ribera (Main man:  Antonio Montana) – This dude was a G.  Tony Montana road dog, co-d, wheel man, shooter, and resident expert on getting women (too bad one of them was Tony’s sister).

04.  Bubba Gump (Main man:  Forrest Gump) – this shrimp expert was Forrest’s friend ‘til the end.  He made the army bearable.  Bubba and his lip went all the way to Vietnam with Forrest.  That alone gets him to number four. 

03.  Scottie Pippin (Main man:  Michael Jordan) – Mike Jordan was nice fresh out of college but NOBODY has been able to do it by themselves in the NBA.  Enter Scottie Pippen. Ten more wins the following season, and they did better in the playoffs.  This combo led the Bulls to two3-peats.   Great sidekick.

02.  Chewbacca (Main man:  Han Solo) – Who wouldn’t want a half man/half dog thing that can “rip a man’s arms out of the sockets.  Then he’s loyal and can handle all sorts of weapons.  Hold up, he’s also a pilot that can fight.  Best pet ever.

01.  Robin/Dick Grayson (Main man:  Batman/Bruce Wayne) – Holy top ten winner Batman.  Whether it be a fight, or a catch phrase or a voice of reason, Robin was always there for Batman.  The former trapeze artist turned orphan was taken in by Bruce and trained to become Robin.  He is the definition of a sidekick.  Nobody did it better. 

 There you have it, the top ten sidekicks.  Honorable mention goes to Kato, Barney Rubble, Barney Fife, Tonto, Mini Me, Marty Jannetty, Samwise Gamchee, Goose, Tubbs, Screech, The Anvil, Stevie Ray and Jerome form The Time.  It’s my sons first day at school, the day is moving fast, and DALLAS COWBOY FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW.  I’m in a good place, get at me on twitter/instagram @illfam79 .  If you’re not down with that I got four words for ya…Your Opinion Is Wrong.  PEACE