What up yall. Been a bit huh? Well let’s see, my weekend started early…about 1 am Friday I woke up eyes burnin’, congested and unable to sleep. I kinda think I’m allergic to something at my kid’s soccer practice. Anyway I finally fall asleep RIGHT BEFORE I was supposed to call in to work. Needless to say they were concerned when I called in like an hour late. I stayed in the bed for the rest of the day…got a chance to watch and clear out all the Tosh.0 episodes on my TIVO. Went to a beer and wine fest Saturday (already had the tix), that was cool. Came home and watched my Cowboys. They looked good, it was only the Rams but the defense looked good. The starting D had only allowed field goals all of preseason. Jay Ratliff went down with an ankle sprain which sucks but I think we have a couple good candidates for our 3rd receiver. Between Dewayne Harris, who had a great game, and Ogletree, who was 4th in line last year, dropped a few but didn’t look bad. Sean Lee looked solid as expected and our secondary…thank God for our new corners. These guys are definitely an improvement. Funny enough I hear Terrance Newman had a pick this week. Did anyone see the Katt Williams comedy special on Showtime? I chuckled quite a bit. He was also quite high…high as Aldon Snow on Good Morning America. I pretty much chilled Sunday…went to breakfast and got caught in the monsoon on the way out. I didn’t realize there was going to be football on, epic win. It almost felt like real games. A game at four, by the way Peyton behind that Broncos O line is gonna be a muthaluvin problem. I was cool to watch football on a Sunday afternoon. I’m so ready for football. Black Dynamite was crazy as usual. Now it’s back to the grind, but it was a little more congested on the highways and byways due to school being back in. This is Earl III’s last week in daycare, exciting. His Soccer practice started last week, games coming soon. Between his new school, soccer, the NFL season, this blog the fall is gonna be fun times. By the way, the Slaughterhouse album drops tomorrow, its dope, cop that, FROM THE STORE, I plan on it. Whelp, no sun, and my car’s in the shop but I have a four day weekend coming up and Dallas Cowboys football is only 9 days away!!!! If you aren’t excited about that…Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace