What up yall. Male sexuality in Hip-Hop is a very interesting topic. It’s usually just a rapper talking about how many “honey’s he slayed”. Couple that with the fact that the most vicious slur in Hip-Hop being the word “faggot”. Got a problem with another rapper? He’s a “homo, with no dough”. In the late 90s and early 2000s there was a rumored “gay rapper” and most fans hoped it wasn’t their favorite emcee. In the last few years the unwritten rules have slowly relaxed on being “homo”. Enter the phrase “no homo” and “pause” (shouts out to Joe Budden). When anybody, not just rappers, says anything that can be interpreted as homosexual in nature, uttering one of the above phrases somehow negates the feminine nature of the statement. It is in the spirit of “pause” and “no homo” I present to you the ten most pauseworthy rap lines.

10.  Fedro Starr(Onyx) “Last Dayz” – “My theory is “fuck it” Sexy niggas get abducted “.

C’mon yo, how you gonna say sexy niggas, so are you saying you find some niggas sexy? SMH

 9.  Big Daddy Kane “Raw” – “I relieve rapper like Tylenol”

Now I know Kane is a legend, but uhh…I can’t see the real hetero/tough guy meaning of this one.

 8.  Pharrell (NERD) “Rockstar” – “You ain’t head, we swallow guys”

*BLANKSTARE* Forreal Pharrell, forreal?

 7.  Pharoahe Monch (Organized Konfusion) Bring It On – “Betta believe I buttfuck MC’s from the rear it appears you’re stuck up”

Nigga WTF? When talking tough goes wrong…this ain’t cool.

6.  Cam’Ron Confessions of Fire – The Cover (Pictured)

This is gayer than all that pink he started wearing.

 5.  Black Rob “Whoa!” – “Finger near a nigga asshole like WHOA!”

Whoa indeed, did Puff and Fonzeworth get to the homie?

4.  Notorious B.I.G. “The Wickedest” – Niggaz press they luck and they get a buttfucking, Straight up the ass, raw dog with the rash”.

!!!!! Wow, R.I.P. but  uh…umm…uhruh…damn.

3.  DMX “What’s My Name” – “Suck my dick

And while you niggas that’s been to jail before know it’s about to get thick”

Aww man…Brotha Earl, I hope that was the crack talking.

2.  Canibus “2nd Round K.O.” – “Well lemmie tell you somethin, you might got mo’ cash then me, But you ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga’s ass like me”

At this point in time I was a HUGE Canibus fan, and this is my favorit diss joint ever, but that line was more embarrassing than that notebook he pulled out (still haven’t seen that by the way).


  1.  Notorious B.I.G. “Me & My Bitch” – “You look so good (unh), I suck on your daddy’s dick.

Yeah…about that line…it’s Big’s second entry on this list, and frick…I don’t care how good a chick looks…GTFOH…naw pimp I can’t ride with this one at all.  Love BIG (pause) hate the line.

And there you have it, in all its glory, the pause-a-thon.  Sorry for the wait, hope you chuckled.  The Sun ain’t out but me and my good friends at the Willy Bobo are hosting the legendary “Strictly Hip Hop” radio show Friday night from Midnight to Five (88.9 on you FM dial or use the tune-in radio app on your iPhone or android) couple that with the fact that there are only 21 days until Dallas Cowboys football and life really is good (shout out to Nas).  If you can’t rock with that…Your Opinion Is Wrong.