What up yall. Been a minute, but here we go anyway. On the way home last week, in the airport I grabbed a copy of The Source for two reasons: one, there was a feature on Slaughterhouse, one of my favorite groups, and two, there was a top 50 lyricists list, and yall know I love these lists. This list was outrageous; somebody was high when they put this list together. It started off promising, number one, Rakim, I agree, number two , Nas I agree, number three B.I.G., he has an argument for that spot, I have no problem with it, number four Jay-Z, I would have put him three but hey not a big deal. To me, here’s where the list goes haywire, Tupac was listed number four, while I was never a big Pac fan I do respect and realized his iconic impact in Hip-Hop and his importance to the genre. That being said Pac was never a lyrical miracle type of rapper. The fact the he was ahead of Eminem, Pun, Kane, Dre 3000, Redman, Common, Talib Kweli, Big L, Busta, Posdnous and Royce Da 5’9″ is just incorrect. I know somebody’s gonna get mad because you ain’t supposed to say nothing bad about Tupac, but your opinion IS wrong if you think Pac could have out rapped these people, he could make better songs than some of them but his raps, bar for bar, wouldn’t stand up to theirs. It’s also ridiculous that Busta Rhymes was ranked # 37, WAY TOO LOW. Further down on the list the problem I ran into wasn’t specific numbers, that’s minutia, my problem was relative rankings. For instance, how is Queen Latifah ranked #25 and Big L # 26, U.N.I.T.Y. is a good song but there isn’t a Dana Owens verse messin with “ask Beavis, I get nothin’ but head” pure malarkey. Another ridiculous pair of rankings, Guru # 30, Kanye #31, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal has CLASSIC records, but we all know DJ Premier was the anchor in that relay, “Eenie meenie minee moe, I pimp the mic like a pimp pimps hoes” ain’t f’n with “Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push miracle whips”. Ross was ranked #46 Royce was ranked #48, if you think that’s correct, kill yourself. Little Kim is ranked #45, Styles P, #47, c’mon son. Chuck D is very important not only to Hip Hop in general, but he’s the godfather of my favorite Hip-Hop subgenre, Conscious Hip-Hop. He’s ranked #12, 16 spots ahead of #28 Talib Kweli, you have got to be kidding me. And while I’m at it, how are Big Boi form Outkast, Joe Budden, and Kool Moe Dee left off the list but Rick Ross makes it. Lil Wayne ahead of Busta is disrespectful. I’m sure the majority of the people reading this haven’t purchased a copy of The Source in a while, if ever, so here’s the list 1-50, please discuss.

1. Rakim
2. Nas
3. The Notorious B.I.G.
4. Jay-Z
5. Tupac
6. Eminem
7. KRS-One
8. Big Daddy Kane
9. Lauryn Hill
10. Melle Mel
11. LL Cool J
12. Chuck D
13. Andre 3000
14. Ice Cube
15. Slick Rick
16. Scarface
17. The D.O.C.
18. Kool G Rap
19. Big Pun
20. Q-Tip
21. Redman
22. Common
23. Mos Def
24. Jadakiss
25. Queen Latifah
26. Big L
27. Pharoahe Monch
28. Talib Kweli
29. Snoop Dogg
30. Guru
31. Kanye West
32. The Gza
33. Method Man
34. Black Thought
35. Bun B
36. Lil Wayne
37. Busta Rhymes
38. Posdnous
39. Prodigy
40. T.I.
41. Fabolous
42. Ludacris
43. DMX
44. Canibus
45. Lil’ Kim
46. Rick Ross
47. Styles P
48. Royce Da 5’9”
49. Lupe Fiasco
50. 50 Cent

Dear Source Magazine…Your Opinion is Wrong. Peace