What up yall.  Imma start with this another hiatus but I’m gonna explain this one.  Tomorrow I wil have been blessed/fortunate enough to be married to a beautiful, smart, almos as funny as me woman who gave me a beautiful son and has been willing to put up with me for eight years.  For our anniversay we are doing an all inclusive in the Dominican Republic with my cousin and his wife (shoutout to Mike and Natalie).  Craziest vacation ever…only problem is I miss my kid like crazy.  I’ve done things here I never imagined I would have the oppertunity to do.  Driving speedboats, swimming around a coral reef feeding fish, lobster dinners on the beach, running through a whole bottle of Grand Marnier in a club, and taking a vacation without running into anyone I knew.  I’m currently typing this into my phone on the beach with my feet up in a bed…craziness.  I will return to my scheduled ignorance with a top ten Tuesday on Thursday.  This has been an absolute adventure with stories to tell(which I will).  #YOIW PEACE