Day one was ill.  The plan was flight 1 to mia flight at 6 two to Puerto Rico and then land here at 2 in the afternoon. Yeah…didn’t happen. First flight cancelled for a broken defrost.  Had to take a crazy driving cab (American Airline funded) to Regan and catch another flight to Miami.  That plane was also delayed.  That second delay made us have to OJ it across the airport to catch the connection to the Dominican which landed at 830…six hours later than originally planned.  Another crazy drive from the airport here in the Dominican got here and the power hour started. Tequila shot with a margarita to set it off.  Then two mamajuana shots.  Went to the club here, the ladies turned in early and Mike and I knocked back quite a few more mamajuana shots. Got loaded got sleepy git in bed. Man I miss my kid. #YOIW Peace