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What up yall. Like most people, I’ve had some adventures in life, you know, those crazy stories you have. I have the one about the police popping his gun latch on Jr. and me in Laurel. I also have the one where Kendel and I got the junkie to cop us drink in Philly. I also have the one where Mike and I were on the run from the cops in Crofton. How about the one where Donyele and I saw a guy I know on a cruise, not one that left from Baltimore, one that left from Florida! I’ve got a million of ‘em, a bunch of stories that I can only categorize as “this can only happen to me”. Today was no different. Anyone who knows me knows I have a million cousins. Living and working in Anne Arundel County, I see a lot of them all the time. If you’ve ever gone anywhere with me you know there’s a possibility of running into someone I’m related to. At my job, one of the folks on the cleaning crew is cousins with my cousin; uhh let’s call her “Renee”. “Renee” has informed the janitor lady whose name I do not know, that I am “Renee’s” cousin. Said lady assumes, incorrectly I might add, that her and I are cousins. She sees me in the hall, hollers “hey cuz” down the hall or will hug me in passing, and for the record I’m not really a big hugger. Another fun fact about me is that I used to smoke, and I’ve been smoke free for over three years thank God. On my breaks at work though, I still do hang with all the guys that smoke, those are my friends. My personality is such, that when we’re out there, because we see all types of people, to describe the folks I see. For example, I’ll say hey, look at that guy over there, he looks like Craig Mack and Snoop Dogg had a baby. And that’s kinda what we do out there on our break. It can get kind of mean at times to be honest, but it is what it is. We also get on each other every chance we get as well. I said that to say, I deserve any shots fired at me. That being said, today I walk out the door for break and can tell the cleaning lady has something to tell me. I sit on the benches outside and wait for her to stop by, figuring the worst that can happen is she stops and says hey cuz and puts her arms out for a hug (uhhh) and I get clowned, and oh how wrong I was. She grabs my hand and says come here I got something important to say. Now she goes into how her brother has been sick and is getting better. Problem is, I DON’T KNOW HER BROTHER!!! The real problem is the lady has a bit of an issue with her eyes, as in they aren’t quite even on her face. I don’t say that to be mean at all but, the whole time she’s having this very serious conversation all I can think is: Which eye should I be looking into? She wraps up her convo and goes back into the building. I, very slowly, make my way back to my already howling with laughter crew. All I could think to myself was “this can only happen to me”. On the flip side, training camp has begun, only 2 days of work left until my vacation, NFL training camp has started and there are 41 days until Dallas Cowboy football. If you aint down with that I got 4 words for ya, Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace