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What up yall. I’m sure you noticed number 6 yesterday on the top ten was the Jeffersons, and number 7 on my top ten TV dads. I’m sure by now you realize I am a big 70s, 80s, and early 90s sitcom fan. Certain shows just were a part of growing up, wrestling, Sanford & Son, cartoons and The Jeffersons. It was one of those things that have always been around; you’ve been able to catch reruns since I can remember. It’s weird but I may actually be a bigger fan of Amen. Besides having one of the illest themes (it would have made the top 20) I remember watching new episodes. While I love George Jefferson, in all his glorious bigotry, there was something dope about Deacon Earnest J Frye. My moms actually just brought up a very funny episode. He had a case and he had to prove a woman had a bad temper. She ended up ripping his clothes off to where he had just the collar and cuffs of his shirt left, covering up his junk with his briefcase, funny stuff. As Deacon Frye he helped a church, raised a daughter, became a lawyer, married a daughter off, mentored youth (including Clarence the So Fine), and became a judge. While Jefferson Cleaners is a monumental achievement, Deacon Ernie Frye was a better dude. That being said in real life I hear he was a cool guy and it does suck that he’s gone. George and Ernie were parts of my upbringing; I loved him reprising old roles like he did in Fresh Prince, and new roles, like he did in Fresh Prince (not a typo). A man bald on the top and hair in the sides will always be the George Jefferson, and we’ll all remember Mr. Sherman Hemsley. R.I.P. #YOIW Peace