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What up yall? People that know me, know I’m a wrasslin’ fan. Old school and new school. Well if you loved it in the 80s & 90s, tonight’s the night to have a nostalgia filled evening with the WWF/E. It’s the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. I love these kind of events. It’s one of the nights where good old Vince forgets old grudges for the sake of the fans/ratings. I like when they dig up old schoolers like Koko B. Ware and the Right Reverend Slick. I remember moms took me and some of my cousins to my first live match at the old Capital Centre (remember live at the gogo). I got my first piece of wrasslin’ merch there, the orange “Macho Man” Randy Savage bandana. Funny thing was, I was a huge Ricky Steamboat fan. I remember waiting tables at the Courtyard by Marriott during the Monday Night Wars between Raw and Nitro and the guys staying at the hotel. That was ill. The Undertaker scared me at 5am walking the hall before his early checkout (he was a big SOB) after a PPV in Bmore. Rey Mysterio signed an autograph “Stay up Playa” for me (he also came down with one of the Nitro girls to eat breakfast, little homie reppin’ for the barrio) , I sat and watched former WCW/UFC worker Tank Abbott eat an entire plate of the egg “product” that they had at the buffet I worked at (yuck). WWE legend Patt Patterson tipped me with Raw tickets the morning after a PPV. I remember Billy Kidman spoiling a Varsity Club reunion for a PPV in the Courtyard transport van. But my best memories of wrestling came after I was a grown adult with a wife, kid and a home. I completely fell into tickets to the “Grandaddy of them all” Wrestlemania (shoutout to the homie Raymez). Met the Miz, kept running into the last Tough Enough roster. Met “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, the Usos, saw Ricky Steamboat, “Big Daddy Cool” Kevin Nash, Ron Simmons, Dusty and Dustin Rhodes and not to mention we were in the 17th row at Wrestle freakin mania. I felt like pro wrestling Forrest Gump. It was crazy. That being said, make sure you tune in tonight, it should be a fun watch. In other unrelated news I had a good conversation with the homie DJ Rod Madd Flava. Over the next few Mondays I will be recanting some of the exploits of I.L.L.F.A.M. & Madd Flava Entertainment (replacing names to protect the not so innocent) and dropping some old school joints from the “Gold Tapes”. Shout out to Kel, Rucker, ‘Los, Harper Genocide, Ceaser Black aka Non Fiction, LL the Number One Draft Pick, Humpy, Corey, Pitts, C-Quality, and Giovanni. In the words of Edith and Archie, those were the days.  So look forward to Madd Flava Mondays coming soon.  Anyway to wrap things up, make sure to watch Monday Night Raw tonight 8pm on USA, be on look out for Mad Flava Mondays and possibly guest bloggers for #YOIW, and there are 44 days until the triumphant return of Dallas Cowboy football, and 8 days until Vacation, in the words of the Rodd Dogg, “If you ain’t down with that I got 4 words for ya”, Your Opinion is Wrong.  Peace