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Uh oh, two in one day. I’m sitting here in the office on a gloomy Friday in my new fitted that you aint got, and somebody makes an off color joke about a recent tragedy. I’m immediately taken to the Baltimore Comedy Factory with the Mrs. (shout out to April for the free tix and the old ladies in the back) and my favorite comedian, Corey Holcomb is doing 5 minutes on Whitty Hutton (shout out to bruh man, it was something about being a cold piece). It was a ruthless set where he went all the way in, mostly on women, not for the faint of heart. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I get a text from my homeboy (shoutout to Jr the 3 legged pimp) talking ‘bout “you know your boy got a special on”, talking about Corey Holcomb. I was eating crabs at the time so I missed it. Luckily it was a Friday night so I just waited for the west coast showing at like one in the morning. Boy was it worth waiting for. My wife said she could hear me “cackling from the basement”. Main man don’t play either, he comes out swinging, no jabs…ALL UPPECUTS. The 1st joke, 30 seconds in, “Comedy is my main job, but I got a side hustle selling baby clothes out front of abortion clinics” “shirts saying ‘Mommy we can make it’, the dudes be MAAAAAD”. LMBAO, to quote my cousin Kendel “That nigga’s ill”. He’s got Magic Johnson jokes, miscarriage jokes, and caps it off with a sparring session with one of Compton’s finest at the end of the show. I cried laughing, I’ve watched it 3 times since it came on, and it is on demand if you have Showtime. His comedy, as if I need to say this after the description, is not for the easily offended, so if that’s you DONT WATCH. A lot of people say Kev Hart and Mike Epps are their new favorites but for me it’s the Ghetto Dr. Phil himself, Corey Holcomb. He’s been dope since Wildin’ Out with Nick Carey (you read that right). I’m sure most of you saw him headline the Shaq All-Star Comedy joint when he did the Lamar Odom joke. That was mild compared to the rest of his act. Hopefully he comes back to MD touring with a new act, and I hope he puts the “Your Way Ain’t Working” DVD out with bonus footage. Either way cop it or watch it on demand. That being said, there are just 47 days until Dallas Cowboy football, 11 days until my vacay, and about 24 hours until two consecutive kiddie bday parties. If you’re not down with that I got four words for ya, Your Opinion Is Wrong. Peace